SDS Power cord

Using an SDS on a Scoutmaster Sig TT. Was considering replacing the cord that runs from the TT to the SDS, but a unique rectangular opening on the case of the SDS prevents any of my existing PC's from allowing the plug contacts to make a full connection.

To those that may have done this, any suggestions on a PC cord that would work?
Use the stock cord and spend the money on some vinyl.
I've played with different cords going TO the SDS and you can certainly hear the different personalities each had.But my take is that ,for the money spent, to make a difference you'd probably have more of a total impact spending elsewhere in your system. My 2 cents!
I had a few shunyata diamondbacks lying around, so installed them into the sds/motor - nice difference. I think any power cables near cartridge/phono stage should be shielded-and decent. I wouldn't get pythons for it but do see (hear) improvement over stock.
If you don't want to spend a lot of dough, the Iego PCs available here on Agon is much better than the low price indicates. Read up on it and find out. I have a handful of their cables in my system and found them to be well worth the investment.

I had a local tech wunderkid move the female outlet that the motor PC plugs into on the back of the SDS flush with the rear chassis wall - cost me a beer. I then bought a VH Audio Flavor 1 to replace the stock VPI cord. Was it worth a bit north of $200 - in my system, yes. The Flavor 1 is a fully shield, true hi-end PC at an unbelievable price. It took that last bit of background noise out.

What is DEFINITELY worth it is using a high quality PC to power the SDS - don't skimp. I use a VH Audio Flavor 4.

If you care, my system is not listed on AudioGon, but it is listed on Audio Asylum.