Screen Size vs. Room Size/Viewing Distance


I know that the optimum viewing distance for an HDTV image is much less than that of a 480 line image, however, we are currently in a state of flux as far as what we are watching. Most will have regular TV resolution displayed for the most part on an HD capable TV, with the occasional DVD movie utilizing their TV's real potential.

All that being said, I was just curious what situations many of you have. I am in the process of buying a new TV, and am stuck in the middle between my preference for the flat tubes and the need for something bigger and desire for widescreen viewing (projection). I am buying for a room that is 27' x 15', with my 'prime' viewing postitions about 10 feet away. My current state of mind has me somewhere around a 47-53" widescreen as optimal. Wonder what you all think or have.....

I have 100" 4:3 and sit about 9 feet away, it is a little grainy at times, but any one who says size doesn't matter hasn't used anything large before :)

I use a 46" Mitsubishi 16:9 at about 14 ft. and like the sharpness, brightess, and 16:9 ratio-- no grain with this size and distance. Cheers. Craig
We sit appr 10' away from a 55" Mitsubishi. My findings are that the better aligned and calibrated the TV is, the less critical viewing distance or angle becomes. Finding this out after we purchased this one, i might have aimed for a 60" unit. Sean
I sit 14 feet from a 92x52 screen, and there is some graininess. Drop back to 15 feet, gone.

You couldn't give me a projector. Get a 36" direct view and sit a little closer if you need to. Don
I used to feel like Egordo until I saw these new Mitsubishis-- sharp, bright, and contrasty. Cheers. Craig
Ditto. Have a 55" rear projection Mitsubishi -- as long as you're at least 9' away, you're fine (of course, you have to adjust for my aging eyes so this might be age dependent). Wouldn't suggest much more than a 40-45 degree angle though. This is not HD, so you can get closer with that (provided the source accommodates).
All this distance / image clarity talk reminds me of the scene it Tootsie. For Dustin's close-up,the camara man suggested pulling back a lttle. A second camara man suggested--Yea, to Cleveland-- I think the were shooting in NY.
Placing your seat 1.5-2X screen widths works well for scaled DVDs. Personally, I'd try for something in the 6' wide (80" 16:9 diagonal) range.

I'm currently running a 6' wide screen with seating 12 feet back, and find it a bit small at more than 11 feet and a bit soft at 9 feet so I'll end up with a 7' 16:9 screen when I move the projector to the ceiling.

With 4:3 source coming from DBS, VHS, etc. the smaller 4:3 image is a positive feature.