Scratchy Volume Knob

Help! I'm cleaning up my old college Kenwood KA-7100 amp and I need to clean the volume contacts. There are two small holes in on the knob that look like they would accept an allen wrench, but nothing fits. Any advice?
Go to Radio Shack and buy a Tuner control cleaner lubricant.
follow the direction on how to use it.
I've already used an electronic cleaning solvent on the amp, my problem is that I can't get to the volume control mechanism without somehow removing the knob.
Let's try this. Follow the Radio Shack advice. Grab a folded bath towel and place under the unit to catch runoff. Now squirt the volume pot from every direction possible using the tiny plastic attachment which concentrates the stream of cleaner. I mean soak the sucker and turn the pot at the same time to move the cleaner around inside. If this does not work, the pot may be toast. Then your alternative is a visit to a tech.
Try this link for a better understanding.