Scratched CDs


which product(s) are you guys using to repair scratched CD(s) ?
I've tried several different scratch remover type formulas and IMHO "Flitz" works the best.

I'm sure there are quite a few choices, but Flitz works really, really well.
For very minor scratches i use Meguair's Scratch X automotive polish.
Works great on TT covers etc also.
I've had no luck with the polishes. Just use the DVD scratch remover device sold at Wal-Mart, etc.
There's a few machines that use abrasive to actually grind and polish the surface. I don't have one but will soon buy one since the customer reviews are pretty good. Around $150.00. You can take and have them done in audio shops/electronics stores that offer the service. I've had it done and the cd is brand new again. Apparently twice is the limit though.
I second Elizabeth's recommendation of Meguair's. It really works.
If they are not too badly scratched, I've had good luck w the disc-doctor manual machines. They use a very mild abrasive strip along w a liquid cleaner to polish the surface. Another very mild abrasive you could try is toothpaste. Some 'philes prefer Colgate, but ADA (American Digital Audiophile) as determined that "Crest effectively prevent dropouts, when applied as part of an audio hygiene program that includes regular professional care." ;~)
P.S. I am serious about the toothpaste part; it's a very mild abrasive.
Thanks! all.
What about a cd with cracks in it?
Can it be saved? It will not play as is.

I have never owned a cracked CD? My thoughts are that it cannot be repaired.
Super glue and a Dremel Tool. Fix you right up, you betcha.
There are services on the web that will polish your disc with a professional machine. If you can't fix it with home remedies, try one of them if the CD is that important to you.