Scratched CD Repair Recommendation

What CD remedies have you used and recommend to restore the playability of a scratched CD? Please share your "fix its" you've actually used and succeeded with.

I bought a used Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Ultra Disc II at a discount but it has some scratches and causes two of the seven tracks to skip. My "high end" players (Sony DVD 9000ES/Denon 3800) can handle it but "lesser" household CD players (clock radio, computer, car, etc...) won't play the scratched tracks. The disc is the Allman Brothers Brothers & Sisters.

Thanks and I look forward to the community's wisdom.
A)Two larger music stores that buy and sell used CDs around here have a polishing machine they run all their used buyouts through before putting in store inventory.And for about a dollar per they will run discs I bring through that polisher(looks like new again).I have had several done with great results.Call around the larger independents in your area and ask them about CD polishing service.

B)There is a product called CDfender,made to apply on data side,like a clear-bra for an automobile,it sticks onto the data side to protect from scratches,can be removed and according to the FAQ page see below:

Q. Will CDfender repair damaged CD's, mend scratches and prevent skipping?
A. The special optical couplant on the CDfender fills in minor scratches on the surface of the CD and repairs them.

They sell for $11.00 per ten/pack.
I have not tried this product but check out their site
Sometimes Mapleshade Mikro Smooth can take care of very minor imperfections try this first, for deeper scratches recommend Novus 2 fine scratch remover followed by Novus 1 clean/shine. (Novus 1 may also work by itself)

Novus is extremely cheap, do google search and you can find automotive supply house selling Novus for $6-7 an 8oz bottle. Made specifically to clean, polish, remove scratches from plastics.

I don't like the Disc Doctors sold in video game depts wich will "sand" entire CD surface leaving fine scratches everywhere.....may fix skip but don't need all the other scatches left behind
pawn shops & jewerly stores also have polishers that will buff the hair off a gnats ass.

i buy alot of music at pawn shops & they polish mine for free.

Might try simply ripping the CD using EAC to get a bit-perfect copy and then writing it at 1X using a CDR. I gather there are those that believe, using this method, you can get copies that may outperform originals.
Try a green marker.
I had a scratched disc that would'nt play and with nothing to loose, I took a green marker and colored over the scratch. It worked!
The best is the CD store polishing, many CD reseller stores now have a polishing machine and will do your CD for a buck or two.
The second choice is the Disc doctor. The disc Doctor does leave fine scratches, but you can completely remove THOSE marks with an automotive product Meguiar's "Scratch-X".
Scratch-X is fantastic. It will NOT remove deep marks, but for fine surface marks it is the best.
And you CAN buff with a paper towel IF that paper towel is "Viva" For some reason, Viva paper towels just NEVER scratch.