Scoutmaster with Lyra cartridge?

Anyone using the Lyra Dorian or Argo with the VPI Scoutmaster? Thanks for any info.
I am using Lyra Dorian. It gives a delicate and refined sound that I like very much. However, it is not the most dynamic sound.
I spent and afternoon (~4+ hours) listening to the Dorian on a Scoutmaster in Brooks Berdan's front showroom. It was surprisingly smooth and refined, in that setup. No apparent errors in the wide range of music we listened to. The only bugaboo I had was that the system semed a little too smooth and refined, not enough "spring" as llkwood88 pointed out. Not offensive of smothered, just a little too laid back and a ad light tonally for my tastes.

But, at it's price, a dandy of a cart and wonderfully musical. Really something terrifc.

Of course, this could have been the fault of the rest of the system - Hovland HP-100 pre w/ built in phono, Rogue Stealth 99 w/ built in phono, Rogue Zeus amp, Vandersteen 5's and Wilson Sofia speakers.
I have the Lyra Argo on a Scout and the sound is great! I've run this setup for about 12 months and have over 1000 hours on the cartridge. I tried a Shure V15VxMR and a Shelter 501 and went back to the Lyra. The cartridge is not forgiving and whatever is in the groove (includng dirt or static) will be heard, so cleaning your vinyl is a must.