scoutmaster to super scoutmaster upgrade?

I currently have the VPI Scoutmaster table with the supplied JMW-9 arm. Thus far, I have invested about $2500.00 into this table. I was considering the following upgrades by VPI: 1-SDS speed controller, new JMW-9 arm with Valhalla wiring, outer ring clamp. According to my calculations this upgrade would take me from $2500.00 to $5200.00 plus the $700.00 additional for the new JMW-9 arm
for a total of $5900.00. Am I better off selling the Scoutmaster for $1800.00, lose the $700.00 and spend the
difference about $5000.00 on a Teres table? The problem with the VPI Scoutmaster is that it only holds the 9 inch arm and leaves other arms not usuable. I'm happy with the Scoutmaster, but could my money provide me better sound elsewhere?
I bought the SDS and the outer ring clamp and found that both make an improvement in the sound. The SDS provides a subtle, but audible improvment. The sound from LPs, especially the lower end, consistently seems more solid with it. The outer ring clamp allows you to play all but the most warped records. I sometimes wonder about spending the additional $1,200-1,400 on the better motor and bigger base, but I until I hear it, I'm skeptical that it would be worth it. As for Teres, without doing a side by side comparison, which is almost impossible, you'll never really know which is better. Why not just make the reasonable improvements on what you have, and not get caught up in constant hardware upgrades?
I have the Scoutmaster as well and already invested in the SDS controller. I am very close to pulling the trigger on the center weight, ring clamps, the new signature arm and the new motor/flywheel combination for a SuperScoutmaster upgrade. Mike at VPI says the new motor gives the scoutmaster the same sonics as the HRX motor that comes with the smaller plinth for the Superscoutmaster excepts it doesnt have the same startup torque.
There is no easy way to really experience first hand the full impact of all these upgrades without first investing and listening in my own environment.

While the table may be limited to the 9 inch arms by design, I don't particularly see it as such a great limitation but rather a good check on runaway tonearm upgraditis. I love it and being able to upgrade to the SuperScoutmaster level is a beautiful thing.

The fact that I dont have to worry about different 12" expensive tonearms is equally a good thing, easier on the wallet and ofcourse that money can be channelled to more LP's.

Personally, I just want to max out mine to the SuperScoutmaster, reading and trying out other tweaks for the JMW-9 wherever I can find them if any, spend less time worrying about different tables, 12" tonearm / cartridge combinations, synergies etc etc etc and lot more time accumulating, cleaning and spinning the vinyl.
I agree with you both. I've been upgrading since the Scout to the Scoutmaster, ring, and SDS and plan to do the tonearm as well. That's one of the fun things about this table.. the upgrading ability. It amazes me just how much these steps yield. Guess I used to be skeptical of audiohype, but not anymore when it comes to VPI and a select few other companies and modders.
I took a slightly different route than the above. When I purchased the original Scout, I auditioned the SDS and the Walker Precision Motor Controller. The Walker, at 600.00 more than the SDS, was well worth the additional expense in terms of sonics, stabilty of rotation, and a deep black background. When I moved up to the SM and it's newer 300 rpm motor, I kept the Walker in the mix. I am replacing the Delrin clamp with the HRX center weight and going with the signature JMW 9 arm with the Nordost wiring. One reason being is that the greater effective mass of the new arm allows for the use of a wider range of carts including the low compliance Shelter line. I will say however, that if you are willing to do some playing with cartridge setup, satisfactory results are obtainable with the stock JMW 9/Shelter/Denon matchups, despite some of the nay-sayers here and elsewhere.