scoutmaster/scout vs mark iv

just wondering what peoples opinions are on these two turntables vs the mark iv. Is the mark 4 as good or better a table? as i see some of them selling for more than a scoutmaster sometimes. Just wondering what people have to say. thanks john.
I have a Scout with the Mark IV bearing and platter upgrade. Best of both worlds?
I have a VPI MK3 and am thinking of moving up to and Aries
platter so I can use the outer ring clamp.Just a thought
worth invesigating.Also the SDS would help I suppose.
I suppose it depends upon the rest of your equipment,
if it justifies spending the extra layout on the front end. Good Luck
I have a modified Mk 4 and would take it over the Scoutmaster anytime. Mainly because I have a Graham 2.2 on it and I don't think you have a lot of choice as far as tomearms go with the Scout. Can you put a Rega on a Scoutmaster? Those wobbly-no-antiskating arms make me nervous.