Scoutmaster Platter problem

I'm likely overlooking something simple here, but would appreciate any suggestions from VPI owners. Recently acquired a Scoutmaster Sig. table, pre-owned, but truly in as-new condition. Problem: Set everything up meticulously to specs, but when turning the motor on, the table barely budges, motor's skipping just trying to move it. Obviously quickly shut it down, motor works perfectly w/o belt. Platter does not spin on its own easily on spindle - in fact when mounting, it moved ever so slowly down to the plinth. Spindle looks perfectly straight. So, is this just a matter of a little lithium grease? Looks like there's plenty on the bearing, but being the 2nd owner, not sure. Thanks very much for any suggestions/advice ~
Probably too much grease in the bearing, spin the platter by hand till it loosens up then attach belt and let it run for a while. The excess grease will work its way out. Remember to clean it up after it settles.
Throughly clean the ball bearing, the shaft and the bronze bearing surfaces with alcohol to remove the oil gunk buildup. Place a dab of lithium grease on the ball bearing. Lubricate the shaft and bronze bearing with Mobil 1 5w20 weight motor oil. This will solve your problem.
Thanks very much for your suggestions. Turned out it was a relatively simple solution. For whatever reason, previous owner cleaned out the platter and bearing shaft prior to shipping. I did not initially take notice of this. A dab of lithium grease on the ball bearing did the trick ~