Scoutmaster Isolation

I have my SM on a rack with glass shelves, what can I use to get rid of the vibrations my tt is displaying?
Might be better to get rid of the glass shelve, and replace it with a heavy maple wood replacement. I would even think that a wall mounted target type mount might suit you better. What kind of floor is it all resting on and or where do you believe the vibration problem is coming from? I would say if you have all setting on a bouncy wood floor than go the wall mount way but if the floor is tight than possible gettting rid of the glass might be what is needed.
Timbernation is presently building a sandbox to the specs of Galibier Design for use as an isolation platform. Chris at Timbernation does nice work, and Thom at Galibier is thorough in what he designs and recommends.

I ordered the Timbernation sandbox, but I have not yet received it.

The box costs less than $250.

Presently, I use a Neuance platform with excellent results. They are no longer manufactured, but they can occasionally be found for sale on Audiogon.
Put the TT on another shelf, then put some squash balls between that new shelf and the glass shelf, effectively isolating one from the other (or you could actually buy a Ginko Cloud and use it).

My dad has a Ginko Cloud under his Smaster, works great.
I purchased a ginko cloud to place under a Scoutmaster and it made all the difference.It had been a little frustrating to deal with the vibrations - I was surprised by how well the ginko worked.
A third vote for the Ginkgo Cloud. I've got a Cloud 11 under mine, on a wall-mounted Target turntable shelf. Solved all my vibration issues!
I too recommend the Ginko as I am impressed with my Ginko/Scoutmaster combo.
I've got a Cloud 9 under my scoutmaster and I still get severe ringing.
The previous suggestions are all good ones, but if you want to consider a "DIY" approach, you could make your own isolation platform. Sorbothane works well for vibration isolation, but the prices for audiophile versions of this material are absurd. Here are 2 links to sorbothane items that work well and are very reasonably priced.

1. Edmunds Scientifics - sorbothane sheet:

2. Edmund Optics - sorbothane mounts: