Scoutmaster and the TNT 5

Hi Folks:

In the world of VPI, there have been a several new releases this year. The only one I have heard with any detail is the Scout which, for the money, is very impressive indeed.

Now I read in Stereophile that the Scoutmaster is "the best I've ever heard" etc. I am wondering how that table compares sound wise to an older TNT 5 which, excepting the Walker, is the best turntable I have ever heard. One wonders whether to take the plunge at that used price or just buy an Aries or Scout and be done with it. There are many Aries coming up for sale that have an asking price that is within a couple hundred dollars of the TNT and considering the law of diminishing returns, I really want to know whether going for the TNT is worth it, especially at the Aries level of performance.

All the best.
You have asked the same question`s I asked befor I purchased a used TNT JR / SME 309 combo then I put a Benz Ruby 2 H. I personally feel you will get more bang for your buck with a used TNT, weather it`s a TNT 3 or a TNT 5. David