Scout vsTechnodec vs Acoustic Solid Classic Wood

I am getting ready to set up my first vinyl rig. I would love to know the pro's and con's of these 3 comparably priced tables.
I live in N. Central Kansas so it is really hard to compare anything my self.
I will pair this with either a Wright WPPC 200 or Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena phonostage and either a Dynavector DV20XH or Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cart.

Current setup is all tubed-- Sixpacs & Aes Pre == Meitner Transport & Audio Note Dac == Custom Seas Thors with outboard x-overs.
Any thoughts will be appreciated!!

I owned both the Scout and Tecno, each for a year or more. The Scout is fuller, more balanced, while the Tecnodec is quicker with better transients, but less bass extension and leaner sounding.
this one is close, but the technodec has the most of qualities of its more expensive siblings(dynamics, tone) without paying for a grand's worth of upgrades. the right cartridge will take care of the low notes just fine. the acoustic solid looks great, and is a great deal, but of these models...age before beauty.
Jaybo, we talked about the bass performance (or my issues with it) a little before - What cartridge were you using on the Tecno?

The Denon DL103R and Kontrapunkt A, I had on the Tecno, are both not known for their lean character. And the 103 had better bass extension on all other tables I tried it on.
i have 6 cartridges...two mc's..lyra dorian and sumiko blue point 2, and four mm's. decca maroon, at 150, and two garrott bros. the at 150 outperforms all of them. rock soid bass too. one of my close friends has 2 michells run through mac into green mountains speakers...a tecnodec and an orb.....both tables sound great and incredibly alike with the AT.