Scout vs. P5

I am currently trying to decide b/w purhasing either a VPI Scout or a Rega P5. Both fit within my alotted budget, but from what I read, it seems both tables employ different methodolgies when it comes to improving playback, i.e. the Rega being a "closed" system.

At the moment, I am using a rotel pre-amp/amp combination and B&W 704s.

Any insight regarding the pro's and con's b/w the two TTs would be appreciated.

Also, any cartridge recommendations?

I am interested in the Dyna 10x5 and 20xH if I go the VPI route, but unsure of what pairs well with the Rega.
Rega P5, Rega RB-700 arm, Rega Exact 2 cartridge .....
.....Perfect synergy.....enough said.
Happy Listening !!!!!
Are those the only two at around $1500?

How about:
o Clearaudio-sourced Marantz, which includes an $800 cartridge
o SOTA Comet
o Funk Firm with Incognito-wired RB300
o JA Michell Tecnodec w/Michell-modified RB250 w/VTA
I can't comment on the P5, but I am a total vinyl newbie and recently purchased a Scout and a Dynavector 10x5 and am extremely happy. I have not heard the Rega P5, or any Rega in my system for that matter, so I don't know how the two compare. All I can say is that I am really enjoying the Scout/dyna combo. I am using it with a Jasmine Audio LP2.0SE phono preamp, a BAT VK-300xSE integrated, and a pair of Dali Helicon 400 mk1 speakers. Very nice sounding indeed! I am sure the P5 is a great sounding table too, although from what I have heard/read on the forums, quite a different "house sound."
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Both good choices.

Personally, I want to be able to adjust azimuth (ie. tilt of the cartridge and arm) and VTA. You can't do this with a Rega.
My only concern is at the current moment, a VPI scout w/ dynavector 10x5 would be "too much table" for my system. Would I be able to reap the benefits given my current set up?

That said, I am using this opportunity to begin assembling my first quality hi-fi set up and would like to begin with the TT.....
The most important piece of gear is the front end.It's just like picking a woman out.The rear might look good, but the view from the front is seen by you more often.
Would you be able to reap the benefits given your current set up? You would reap benefits....however, the benefits could keep on reaping as you upgrade the rest of your system, as you seem to suggest when you say "That said, I am using this opportunity to begin assembling my first quality hi-fi set up and would like to begin with the TT.....". The operative phrase here is "begin with the TT". The initial TT upgrade will begin reaping benefits right away, you'll reap even more as you continue to upgrade your system.

FWIW, I've always found Dynavector and Lyra's to be a natural mates for VPI table/arm combo's.

...also Benz cartridges mate well with the VPI
03-24-09: Stringreen
...also Benz cartridges mate well with the VPI

I never had any luck with Benz cartridges or Koetsu cartridges for that matter on VPI tables. VPI house sound is warm, full and rich. From my experiences they mate better with a quicker, livlier cartridge. Though I suppose the Benz/VPI could work with more transparent electronics and/or speakers too. Unfortunately (for Benz/VPI), I like tubes and my speakers are musical too.

IMS Dynavector and Lyra worked much better with my VPI than the Benz/Koetsu style cartridges.

Rega P5 - Stereophiles 2005 Analogue product odf the year. I had one with an Exact cartridge - no fuss to set up and sounded wonderful. I upgraded to the P7 with a DV20XH, and once agian, rega was a snap to set up (need shims for the arm to accomodate the Dynavector). VPIs are excellent tables, too. If you get the chance watch M Fremer's "Turntable Setup" DVD - both tables are hgihlighted.
Agree with John.

Benz and Koetsu are not particularly well suited with VPI tables. Lyra, Dynavector, and Zyx are much better choices IMO.

However, the 12.7 tonearm works reasonably well with Koetsu.

Are they an ideal match? Far from it.

Disclaimer: Koetsu/Dynavector retailer
What about Grado Sonata or Platinum (high output in either model)?