Scout upgrades?

anyone heard Scoutmaster yet? any worthwhile tweaks for scout?
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Four words: Walker Precision Motor Controller.
I purchased a Scout and am very happy with it, AFTER placing it on a thick maple platform (like the Mapleshade.) Just sitting on a Billy Baggs Pro rack - good but not nearly as musically involving as when on the maple. I also made a small platform of .080 constrained layer dampening sheet for the motor feet to rest on, this also contributed to clarity.
I have the Scoutmaster, sitting on a BDR Shelf for the Source on a Billy Bags Amp Stand, with the Benz Glider cartridge. I've been extremely happy with it so far. Very quiet, extremely detailed, and amazing bass. If you have a VPI dealer nearby, you should give it a listen. The motor upgrade is worth the price alone.
has anyone tryed any mats on platter?