Scout to Scoutmaster

I am looking for advice from anyone who has upgraded their VPI Scout to the Scoutmaster. Was the conversion worth the $1200 price tag? If so please describe what impact it made. Of course if it made little or no impact I would like to know that also.
You might take a look at the discussion in this thread:
I went for the Scoutmaster over the Scout when auditioning the two. A "fuller" sound was immediately noticable in the Scoutmaster after listening to the Scout. I never looked back and haven't regretted a moment. I also got the SDS voltage regular which is higly recommended and run my Grado cartridge through a PS Audio modded preamp using the XLR output (the extra 6 db difference is noticable). Finally, having a platter mat had a big impact on my sound. Maybe it altered the cartridge needle's angle. I dunno but without the mat the sound was "thinner" - less full bodied. Audition the two in a shop with gear close to what you already have. Read other posts about VPI accessories like heavier spindle weight, upgraded heavier platter, rim motor, and record rim holder to determine their value and usefulness. Don't forget to bring your favorite records too!
You could always do this in stages I would get the super scoutmaster plinth first its not so expensive then over time you can upgrade bearing platter motor add sds and rim rim drive as funds become available. Speak to Mike he is quite helpful