Scout Sig with heavy platter or Scoutmaster?

Was speaking to friend and and we are respectively 19 and Aries owners we were wondering in terms of cost effectiveness how much the dual plinth of Scoutmaster is.I surmised that from what I have read the heavy platter on stock sig9 would be better VALUE than Scoutmaster stock.But if others think different cime in.If Scoutmaster/sig 9 PLUS heavy platter is best VPI for money as my freind suggested chime in too.I told him to get a Shelter 501 to replace his Grado Sonata but dealer told him Dynavector for a tad more was much smoother through frequencies.Any thoughts there?Thinking of these or Clearaudio or Lyra better at $1K to $1500 as $2K for vaunted Helikon is bit rich for me now.
I would (did) get the Scoutmaster. It comes with the motor control, dual motors, and double plinth. If you must wait get the heavy plater later, and the rim drive as well. I think the Dyna is a better sounding cartridge. Coming from a Sonata it is a very major improvement.
oops - I mean the Superscoutmaster