scout or new amp

i've asked for help elsewhere, so i apologize if it's repeat for some of you, but im trying to get as much feedback as possible. currently, im using a mmf-7/benz glider L2, with a grado ph-1 phono(which i really like) a nad c-370 amp and paradigm reference studio 20 v2 speakers. i'd like to upgrade, and will have about $1500-$2000 to spend. ive really been bitten hard by the scout hype, and would love to buy one. but previous feedback i've received has suggested that the improvement in my system would be much greater if i upgraded the nad, so im also looking seriously at the lfd mistral le. assuming it's either the table or the amp, what do folks here think would make the most sense?
Go with the amp as the mmf 7 is already a fine product and performs above the potential of your amp.
so far the largest improvement in any upgrading I have done (excluding speakers) came from upgrading my amp: i went from an NAD c-350 to a VTL IT85, wow that was huge.
I agree with the other posts, go with an amp upgrade.
I feel your pain. A new TT is way sexier than a new amp (however sonically beneficial a new amp might prove). But another point in the buy-the-amp-camp's favor is that you'd pretty much have to pay retail for a scout whereas you can go used with amps, thus getting a lot more bang for your buck (and by the time your fun-money account has replenished itself, there'll be used scouts on the market for 800$).
hey thanks very much for the quick and thought out responses. would love to hear from more folks, although im pretty sure im going with thinking of solid state, and the lfd mistral le...i love the idea of tubes, or even hybrid, and the benefits with vinyl, but isn't it a real hassle as compared to the plug and play of ss, or am i missing something?

also, any other amp suggestions from vinyl lovers(particualary mmf-7 and/or paradigm users) welcome.

thanks again
Amp. I am a BAT fan myself but Cary and VTL are also good choices. One cool thing about the current market is the plethora of excellent affordable amps.
Most of the time you really can't trust Stereophile's recommendations but this time they are absolutely right when it comes to the Scout. This thing truly is a giant killer. Other turntables in it's price range are just toys compared to it. And you really have to get your source right first. I learned that the hard way. This hobby can be frustrating as hell but you won't be disappointed with the Scout I promise.