Scout Mini Feet 45 RPM

Do these mini feet make a big difference? There are some reviews out there saying there may be a problem with 45rpm with this upgrade.
No problems whatsoever here.. Where did you read there was a problem?
On the acoustic sounds website cited a problem under there description
Do you notice a difference with the mini feet?
Per accoustic sounds website:

"May not work effectively with the VPI Scout at 45RPM due to the motor pulley/platter height differences"

I think all this means that the feet raise the level of the table up a bit so the 45RPM part of the pulley is lower than the bottom of the platter.

Well, first of all, the pulley can be moved up and down. Second, assuming they have accounted for that, the motor can be placed on something to raise its level and all should be okay.

IHMO, not a big deal.