Scout Jr vs Scout 1.1

I'm considering an upgrade to my Pro-Ject Debut and got to hear the Scout Jr last week. The differences seem to be the tonearm and platter and both offer an decent upgrade path. Is the uni-pivot tonearm on the 1.1 that much better that I need to go with that instead of what the Jr offers? Thanks.
The Scout Jr is a very decent table that appears to be a lot like the outgoing Traveler. Main advantage here is upgradability over the Traveler. Both are worthy of finding their way into some pretty nice rigs. Main thing here is like you pointed out; Do I want to go to the Unipivot arm. IMHO I think it is awesome. I have yet to hear anything that comes even close for less than megabuck. I will still say the standard arm is still very good along with the platter. The plinth on the 1.1 is better too with the added steel plate. Both platters rotate in a oil bath bearing but is not as good as the massive platter from the Scout II. It is still decent and will last decades though. If you ever want the 3d arm wand, the Unipivot arm is the hands down choice. Cuing will take a little getting used to over a standard arm, but IMHO well worth the uptick in upgradability and quality even the way it sits. I feel which ever table you choose will be awesome in your rig. Either could be a very competent performer in your system. good luck and Listening in your journey.