Scout Bearing Lubrication

Question for VPI Scout owners....just getting ready to put my table back in the system and have cleaned the bearing assembly. What are people using to lubricate the bearing and how much? I was going to put a few drops on the ball that sits atop the post and then slide the platter over the top...correct? Surprisingly, nothing in the owners manual on this. Thanks for your help.
White lithium grease or Superlube. Both available at hardware stores. Few dabs on the ball.
Yep, I agree with Ehaller
Thanks, guys. Should I put some on the shaft as well?
You could rub on a thin coat on the shaft especialy if you cleaned it.
Use a dab of white lithum grease on the ball and 0/5 weight synthetic on the shaft.
Thanks, guys. I found some lithium grease (brown, not white) in the garage and put a little on the ball and shaft. Spins nicely!