Scott Weiland dead at 48.

He lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. R.I.P.
Very sad.  I loved his voice when he was with the Stone Temple Pilots.  "Interstate Love Song" is one of my favorite tunes.
i hate everything he ever did but "Atlanta", which is possibly one of the most beautiful things ive heard. ---up there w/ van morrison "tupelo honey"---just a magical song. 

troubled artist gone. sad.
RIP scott
Sad, but not surprising. I agree, he did last longer than I thought too......and yet Keith Richards is still alive. huh?

I agree mofi, I liked him with STP too, and ILS is a great tune!
And Jerry Lee Lewis!
Makes "Better to burn out than fade away" seem trite as the longer I live, the better I feel, despite my lack of fame and notoriety. 

All the best,
nonoise, are those the only options?  I think Neil himself has kept himself relevant in several areas, including music.
tostadosunidos, no, but it all boils down to how we live. I liked his music when in STP and wished he stayed there, as he nor STP were the same after. As addicting as drugs are (I know, I was a smoker, and nicotine is one of the most addictive of drugs) it can be beat but when one choses a path or one is a "troubled artist" there is only so much the rest of us can do but watch from a distance, enjoy what we can from them (again, safely from a distance), and then pen heaps of praise and lament, safely, from a distance.

All the best,

Just read about this yesterday- Core is easily one of the very best discs
of the 90's !