Scott receiver ++++ vintage electronics

I remember a Rolling Stone article about a year ago which recommended vintage electronics which were cheap. They mentioned a Scott receiver, circa late 60's or 70's, which was a real gem. They mentioned you could buy it on ebay for like $150. Can anyone give me more info, especially a model number? Also some cheap speakers, I think the article mentioned epos. Any model numbers? Thank you, this board is great......
It maybe a 340 tube RCV. Good luck finding one for $150. Frankly, some of the solid state rcv(342,382 etc) sound real sweet and are bulit to last And are very cheap. enjoy!
Actually, it is possible to pick up an HH Scott Receiver on ebay. I got a 340B tube receiver for $160. about 5 months ago. I replaced most of the tubes and had a tech check it out and make some adjustments which ran about $130. and I now have an outstanding piece of equipment. It has a warm, rich sound that I think puts high-volume, mass market solid state receivers to shame. It has enough inputs for phono as well as a DVD/TV system ( under AUX) and, so, I'm able to use it as a poor-man's home theatre.
I think it is worth seeking one out online but be warned that it may need some work; even if minor. Also, the power tubes (4) needed to be replaced, and New Old Stock (NOS)tubes can run over $100. EACH. Fortunately, there are very good Russian Electro Harmonix substitutes avaliable for about $24/each.

As to speakers, I picked up a pair of used KEF Crestas (bookshelf) for $150. (retail $300). whhich sound very good with the Scott.

Hope this helps.

Here are a few online sources for vintage amps. You can get good background there. Scott, Dyna, Eico, Citations... all excellent old tube circuits. There are many others. You need to understand a few things about tubes and make sure there is a schematic available which usually is not a problem.

This is one short section of an outline of online stuff I have.

IX. Vintage

* One Electron Site, Collection of old articles from Radio News (Sylvan Harris, @1926), Electronics Magazine, and others.
* Radio Era Archives: Billed as the largest site for vintage radio.
* FireBottles Audio: Great collection of info on Dynas, EICO. Fisher etc.
* Jim Mc Shane’s Citation page:
* Unofficial Dynaco Home Page:
* H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive:
* The National Valve Museum, The “articles”, “exhibits” and equivalents” sections are all great.

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Mythtrip...It was a Scott tube intergrated amp...not a receiver...I will try to get u a model number...the article also mentioned CAL dx-1 cd player...bad move...these things are ancient!...Epos are pretty good...but they have no bass...this may or may not be an issue...but it was for me...