Scott Nixon UFO DAC: Next step up?

I have a fine Scott Nixon UFO (tube) DAC: What would be the next audibly better DAC?
Nice DAC. What is your budget for your step up? If you had to pick areas where you wish the UFO were 'at the next step up'...where would those areas be?

Have you heard something you thought was amazingly better...regardless of price for the moment? That might help.
Thanks for helping me define my dream: More definition. I listen to classical music off the Internet (Pandora mostly) and I sense a lack of "Completeness" versus my CD/Space-Tech combo-Have no basis of comparison otherwise.
I would go to $1,000, used.
Hi...i know of your Nixon but have not heard it all i can 'guess' is that you already have quite a good digital piece...quite good. That is good news!

If i were to start looking for detail but knowing something about the sound characteristics of the $1000 used price range, i would start with the Cary players and the Oppo Blu-Ray 95. The level of detail from the Oppo is really, really remarkable and it is quite a natural sounding player imho. Quite detailed/defined in a good way. Plus you can play any format you want.

The Cary's have a good can see them at just above $ maybe with a little haggle you can get it to just $1000. Good luck and hope that is somewhat helpful. You do have quite a good piece...enjoy.
Thanks again for the response.
Have had something of a revelation: Hooked the lap-top up to the venerable Space-Tech via a Hagermann USB converter and am delighted with the sound. Still evaluating the detail but the richness is wonderful. Means I have to unplug the CD changer to connect the lap-top, but I have an open system, so all I have to do is trot up to the loft and switch cables (Think "Stair-stepping"). If the sound coninues to please, I will put the Nixon on the market: It's fine, but the Space Tech is "richer".
I owned the Nixon Tube DAC for some time. It is a very analog sounding DAC, though I found it to be very rolled-off on the highs. It is a decent DAC but it absolutely obscures some musical detail.

You might try the Audio Note Kits DAC 2.1 or RedWine Audio Isbellina, they sound almost identical (I own both) and they both have an extremely analog sound but WITH the highs.
Thanks for your response; I'll keep an eye out for either one. FYI, I found the proper tube made a significant difference and that the Amperex in particular brought out the high end well, unlike the generic brands.