Scott nixon dac....

I am new to the dac concept...and in this case "filterless" theory(which intrigues the hell out of me) would this mate with an intergrated amp? And what about "phase" concerns(which I gathered from the Nixon website)...also...any negatives about this product?
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Read a thread here recently on Audio Note going filterless in their Dacs. You may want to do a search and read more about the filterless approach.
I own a 47Labs filterless/non oversampling dac. I had owned Wadia, Accuphase and Levinson before. I am EXTREMELY happy with the sound of this gear. It is more fluid and musical and involving and communicative. Try one and see what you think.
I'v a Scott Nixon TUBEDAC+ & a conrad-johnson Premeir 9 DAC. The later is also a 16 bit non-oversampling DAC. I've owned numerous players over the past year: Ah!Tjoeb99, Sony 777es, Cary 308. Both these DACs are far more musical than any of the others. Both are very relaxed sounding, easy and . sweet. No digital hard glare edge. Can't think of anything double or triple the price of the Scott Nixon that comes close.