Scott Endler Attenuators

I had too much gain in my system,from my Wadia 301 to my Power Amps,so I needed some sort of Attenuator.
I accidently stumbled upon Scott Endler Attenuators and gave it a try.
These Attenuators are Phenominal!
Now,running the Wadia at its Full Bit Potential,I didnt know how much I had missed.I didnt know you could hear a Rocket/Space in the background of "Walking On The Moon" by the Police,thanks to the resolution I now obtain through these Attenuators.
Scott Endler is one of those Humble Souls,who does not do much advertising but depends upon word of mouth.
I pity the people who blindly follow the Hype.Having gone through the mill,I just couldnt resist in writing about these Attenuators.
Contact info?

Scott is a pleasure to deal with, will do custom work and has some outstanding products. Contact info is the link above or Audiogon member Sendler. One of the best bang for the buck audio products around. Scott made me a quiet version of his stepped attenuators that I use with a McItosh MC352 and Klipschorns.
I've also bought the Endler Attenuators.

As has been stated, Scott is simply a terrific person to deal with. Honest, reliable, and prices his products at extremely low cost.

The attenuators are excellent to use. As is the case for every component, they will not work in all systems, but as for me, I have found them to be an excellent product. Forgoing a preamp has allowed me to enjoy so much more of the music. They most certainly have my recommendation for anyone looking for this type of product.