Scientists create mettalic hydrogen: first use should be audio cables!

I just saw a story about scientists creating a new metal using extreme pressure.   One example cited was making power lines with no loss.  
Let's hope they have their priorities straight and first and foremost use this to enhance our listening pleasure!   
Maybe a petition would help.   
I saw that too and it's amazing but a Forbes article says it's only been done once and that the shinning of the metal can be a by product of the diamond vice grip shedding it's material. There will always be nay-sayers until it's duplicated by others but we can only hope.

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I agree, but at the moment the cables will be rather "short". Cheers.
There is no loss in power lines the way things are. Who cares? Even if there was it's not the loss it's the voltage variations and other anomalies in the power grid that hurts the sound.