Scientific Fidelity Crowne Joule 24k Signatures

I found a pair of these speakers locally this week-end which I have been told were made in very limited numbers.

Designed by Mike Mahoney, 60 lb monitor speakers. Minimal crossover, Solen Caps, total statement piece. I believe they sold for over $6000 when new.

the deal I got even included the matching stands! I spent Sunday giving them a listen and haven't gotten them to "sing" yet. Even with their weight, and extended depth of the speakers, I cannot get very good low end response. Anyone who has owns or have owned a pair have some suggestions? Close to a wall? corner? ...they are rear-ported and I currently have them within the room, fairly far from side or rear walls.
Try closer to the back wall for openers.
Derrick they sound cool, can you post a pic somewhere?
ahhh, hate to say it but although they were regarded as having "breakthrough" drivers they had a reputation as thin, analytical and bass shy, as I recall from the late 80's.
My friend had a pair of them and they did seem to lack bass power and extension as I recall. Perhaps they'd work well in conjunction with a decent subwoofer system.
Hi Jon

long time no speak, hope all is well with you and your system...I will attempt to attach a pix to this posting, if I am not able I can shoot you a photo...they are really beautiful speakers.

I am placing them near side walls and further apart and gonna see what that does, but Xiekitchens assesment is fairly accurate, but I am not done yet!

the reason why I bought them was I had heard them at an audio store in the 90s in their main room, they had them sounding to the point where I was asking them if the sound I was hearing was possible from these 2 little speakers.
I wonder if you could use some high quality subs like REL, crossed over fairly high (160-180? hz)would work
i have a pair of the original Crown Joules. I am running them with some Threshold Gear that I have owned for a while now. They still sound excellent , bass is good but not excellent but they are not a large speaker. I have mine out from the wall by a couple of feet but I use the sealed 12 " Rythmik sub and it is a good combination.  Imaging and depth are worth the price of admission. In a medium sized room I have no regrets.
I have Scientific Fidelity Teslas as back up speakers. They image like crazy but lack a little color. They sound a bit gray.  Bass is not their strong suit but a very competent speaker. From what I heard Maloney got a terrible hatchet job by Stereophile and put him out of business. His drivers were quite advanced for the time.