Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
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Evidently Tekton needs to include a freebie 10-pack of SR's with every pair of speaker purchased.  Otherwise...........
To all interested, I recommend you Google schumann + resonance + health.  There's some interesting reading there...
Scrap all these inexpensive units that will stop working within a few months, and go for gold.

Or rather, go for the SteinMusic Harmonizer H2 Plus Signature, combined with 5 Blue Suns (a must).

You can order now:
Ace Venturi.

That was a movie Jim Carrey was in.