Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
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Exploration is the key word.
No boxes no interference from 
90 degree angles. Tom

You always generate a negative and nasty resonance on any thread you prey upon. Tom
No reason not to take a measurement with music playing..
Switch Mr.Schumann on and then off for the section of music to be repeated. If there is a failure to detect and record a difference that either means there is no difference or I or we have no predictable method to measure a difference. That does not mean that our bodies and minds cannot sense the difference. Tom
All numbers and no ears he is.
Your always critical when posting.
They will all have shear waves and at different velocities. 
Oh and the Schumann Resonator it enhances detail within the soundstage.  More to land tomorrow and will first place those in the music directors I have on the floor and ontop of the stacked stereo subs. Tom
Lets hope there use and lack of test methods dont become the next nest for the antifuse to dribble on. After all it just a wave how could that infuse a positive response. Tom
May place one inside each speaker and one center stage to be drawn thru the room by my Acustafan.  Tom

Thanks for that post. Once I uncorked the genie in my phone it refills from physics and science links all day long . I spend half my day exploring all these new avenues and twists on materials from papers around the world.
Think front of the Acustafan running in reverse would be easy..speakers tough. Tom
I found a science article from Japan that said it reduces blood pressure.
GK and I would be the battle of the bands..isolation vs direct coupling.
Went more than 15 rounds. When he went missing I called to see if he took a hit from covid . Never received a message back. Tom


Quincy posted this and they are rechargeable.

I have these on order so I can place a charged unit on other devices at other heights so to experiment quickly to find the most  effective placement. Tom
On the wave transmission.A few years ago I cut down a large metal can wrapped it in copper foil and placed it over the tranformer in each of my mono does help the the sound acting as a shield for the nearby pcb and outputs. Tom
I will do the same with my Music Fan all about reducing interfering energy and increasing laminar flow.
I wonder if a similar type of path crosses with Mr. Schumann and his wave machine. I can take measurements and observations on my grounded 6 shelf Sistrum rack front and center of the stage wall. Will laminar flow affect the concentration or dispersion of the 
Mr. Schumann device?  Never know till ya try.

Also as a static test see if there is a detection by the micro phone when Mr.Shumann is switched on and off with no music so to check for ambient content of the room and air. Tom
So with that thought..being a pair of mono amps I could remove the shield from only 1 amp place Mr. Schumann near one listen and move to the shielded side and play.
The amps are about 6 ft apart each sitting on Sistrum Sp 101 platforms. Tom
I also have triangulated music directors on the floor that reduce floor bounce directly in front of my stand mounted mains. The music directors are slot loaded down there length and vented towards the ceiling to lift the air. Would placing a resonator in each one of my devices benefit or augment dispersion in any way?   Wont know till I try. Tom
I painted my incoming electrical service meter box with a conductive paint I now use on other components. After the first coat and listening to my hifi the difference was quite exciting. Tom

Respectfully. You are not the only one who follows the need and sense to experiment. New materials and a sense for shapes that augment the sound not to make it chaotic and unpleasant are chief components of my product designs all thru my audio room and sound system. A lifelong expression. Tom
Everything makes a difference
Change the position of one thing in your room and it makes a change in compressive and shear wave interaction and the air that surrounds these objects. They move ever so slightly between other objects and so does the air. Oh I hear a difference Oh I just moved something . Tom

Everyone do a google search 
for"audio signals and emw" there are may pages on how and why these signals do and dont interact . I have much to read. Tom

Purchase the ones that are rechargeable so one or more can be  easily placed at different heights in the room to sense if there is a difference with a change of position.Tom
I am retired so my hobby is now my job as are mechanical parts for string instruments. Tom
I am going into my audio room to listen to the affects of the paint  I brushed on yesterday to my outside electrical service..some minerals contained.  Tom
Simply marvelous listening to the paint take effect. Have my 4 subs off just to get a handle on the mains. This new Purifi 6.5 in driver goes low with great control and clean midrange. So far the treatment to the out side service was different right away. Kinda like a fun house mirror at first with imbalance left to right but 24 hrs later with just the monitors going more and better bass..lower noise floor,  stage is rock steady backround vocals a plenty but they could use more jump towards my that because there is less noise or there needs to be more time as well as play time. Overall a very positive difference. Next week some symmetrical cubic crystals in line with my chair and Music Fan in the glide path. Then Mr. Schumann enters the laminar flow line up. Kool..Tom

Speaking of that bad2design  link up your patent you mentioned somewhere sometime. Let's see it.

What I add are elements 99% purity and above. 

Come on over bring your open ears and an open mind we can joke about after you get here. What I am doing is no joke. Tom
I have big and tall hair too, just a different flavor. Tom
Well Mr. Schumann landed in my space today. Both he and Ace Venturi the Master of Laminar Flow have improved articulation, soundstage and overall musicality in my listening room this evening. Tom
I use lenses around my movie screen and a soffit.  90 degree angles are bad for I direct that energy to where I want with different angles and use gradual radui to blend into the flat at the junctions. Plus they look nice. Tom
The lens I use on the floor are triangles a venturi open on both ends that have a slot along its top. These are portable so you can place them on the floor where most beneficial. There is much unfocused energy on both the floor and ceiling. I try to utilize all the dynamic energy my system generates. Ace Venturi is a personafication of the air flow devices I implement.  Tom
Ace my name for my device that increases laminar flow.
Better for me  than that foam and fiberglass slow down. Tom
The link reminded me of the MB Quart vari vent. An external variable tunning vent for loudspeakers. 

Hmmm. Makes me wonder if you could do the same thing with slot loading a ceiling rafter or 2 especially if the sound room is located below ground or in a basement. You could locate false ceiling registers in locations to alter pressure. You could add or remove insulation in the ceiling as measured.. Tom
I have my single placed on top of my brass  Platter Ground which sits on the top shelf of a Sistrum rack.
The unit faces up at an acoustic lens of sorts that surrounds my projection screen. The acoustic lens was conceived to capture and  focus energy that travels the ceiling some which maybe lost especially bass and redirect to the listening area.  Room is 27/21/9 with another acoustic lens that covers a soffit.

To my ears the resonator sounds as if it adds space to a system that is already wall to wall. This added space seems to come with a higher degree of focus and detail and with a more stable image all across the wall. The image seemed wider more stable and made me feel more at ease and relaxed..not stuck to my chair with my head in a vice. May add 5 to 7 more to place inside more of my acoustic lenses that reside on the floor in 4 locations.
Maybe the addition of the Schumann resonator enhanced and further activated the previous sonic benefit that was provided solely by the Apcd4s. Tom
I have been using Audiopoint inverted couplers, the  APCD4s for several years and with proper placement and the right tensioning I can extend the soundstage down a couple of long walls..To tight =s too bright.. back the tension off a touch and there you are. Or I can focus the center stage.  If you want it wrong keep adding more and it can sound like stretched pseudo surround sound..your choice you may like that sound. These can be threaded into mounted panels or use brass threaded inserts into materials and then thread the coupler and tune to your delight..Look at the overall shape and the center is inverted and will capture, focus and disperse energy or with another of our devices ground the resonant energy. Brass is the metal of music and Geometric shapes matter.
This method of usage with this specific product is something I have adapted for my own use.  I am a company member.
Maybe his own or others as well.
When a geophysicist, mathematician and co designer on some of my projects came to visit I had her take a listen to my just turned on system. I asked her to close her eyes and spread her arms to the left and right edges of the soundstage. She expressed 11 to 1..

After 45 mins of playing time and repeating the same tracks at the same exact volume for her to close her eyes again and spread her arms to the left and right extension of the soundstage... ...she expressed 9 to 3 so it is the width of the room at 20.5 feet. She couldn’t believe the difference saying there was no way warm up or breakin of materials could affect electron flow and make that sort of difference. She could not express a different reason as to why. Her exposure to audio is a Bose system and her daughter is a cellist. Tom

What will be the amount of warm up time for a super conductive material to reach it's stasis level?
Thanks Mom for the gratuitous insult. I can scold myself for both those those terms applied to audio as eye hear them. Tom
I myself have been underwater with 2 chn.surround sound for many years..First with my modified Dunlavy SC4's and for the last many years with the 3rd revision of the Caravelle speaker..soon to be the 4th relife. A constant over that time has been the mechanical grounding inside and out of  every component, Argent  Room Lens  (Mr.Helmholtz) acoustic angles on ceiling and floor, acoustic paint, active laminar flow enhancement device..and treatment of incoming AC with enhancement coating..
That's all for now..until tomorrow.
Non disclosure required.  Tom
Carp ask a mutual friend if I am a fibber. Tom