Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
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@bemused, There is a sucker born every moment. All of you tweaky guys would do better spending your money on lottery tickets. You might actually get something out of it. 

@ mahgister, I think you need a job.
I have two of them. They are a birthday gift from my oldest daughter's significant other. They do not help me sleep. I have no idea if they will do anything for sound quality as my system is down until the new speakers arrive and renovation of the media room is completed. As you might suspect I am doubtful. I never would have purchased them myself. He intended for me to use one on either side of the bed for health reasons.
How many of you have been in an MRI machine? In an MRI machine you are being literally roasted electro-magnetically. The field is so strong screwdrivers have been flung through walls. Any magnetic material will get extremely hot burning the subject. But, when you are in one, except for the claustrophobia you are just fine. There are absolutely no known detrimental side effects unlike CT scanning which bombards you with 2-400 CXRs worth of ionizing radiation. Just what do think a puny little 5 volt subsonic oscillator is going to do? Waste electricity. That is it. Any benefit is purely psychological. If this helps you think your system sounds better, who am I to argue. It will not last. 
@bluemoodriver, great site! Thanks. Why do you think humans are so prone to this type of fantasy? These people did not make up Schumann resonance. It has been marketed as a miracle cure of many ailments.
Is it Joseph Goebbels big lie? It is certainly some people trying to extort money out of others. Are these people just gullible? They certainly bought the big lie and subsidized the extortionists.

Like I said before, if all of you want to experience some electromotive force just get yourselves and MRI scan. Pop some valium if you are claustrophobic.

Trust your ears? Right.
@audio2design, nobody likes being the fool. 

@cd318, that dark side has always existed but science has also been de-legitimized by marketers making false claims under the guise of science. "Dr George Peebrain PhD in aquatic afterlife discovers that jellyfish pixie dust cures Alzheimer's disease." 
Real science really works. You hold it in your hand right now. 25 years ago that thing was the size of your average brief case and only did one thing. Make phone calls and it was not all that good at it. I just recently downloaded a seismometer app. I can put the phone down on any surface, tap or bang around and see if it registers on the phone. How cool is that?
Sad to hear it musicaddict, I wish you had spent that money on music. This is the way the pharmaceutical manufacturers get away with it. They know a product does not work but they figure if they can get a lot of people to spend a little money they can make out big time. Then they stick the same pills in another bottle, tack on a name and an indication and make another fortune on the same product.

Never trust what other people hear. Hearing is way too plastic and open to psychological interpretation making any comment indecipherable. 
Musicaddict, you underestimate the gullibility and overestimate the analytic quality of human's in general. Schumann resonators are the worst kind of snake oil. If you plug it in it must work right? If you read it in the newspaper it must be true? It would be much more accurate to assume the opposite.