Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
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Yeah, I bought one over the weekend. Intriguing to say the least, not even from the audio perspective but from the potential health perspective. From what I gather, given the ultra low frequencies is it acts like a sub would in terms of snapping everything together, just at an even lower register. Will be interesting for sure.
Well, I just got mine... I got the shiny one with pretty lights. $35ish. Just plugged it in, I don’t know what it is doing, but it IS doing something. My system is no slouch and my room is as treated as it can be practically speaking... and damn, it makes a difference. Hard to quantify at this point, I’m just playing with it, but everything seems to be tighter, more distinct. Wider, higher, deeper. Very surprising. I put it right in front of my listening position at seated ear level. No idea if that is “right”. We will see.
Being a pulse frequency, I not sure any speaker made could produce the wave. My simple understanding is, it is a low frequency magnetic pulse that helps nullify EMI etc. On the music front, I liken it to a subwoofer’s effect on bringing in the whole spectrum of music to create overall better balance. Given the SR is a very, very low sub frequency, I would think it would be a similar thing, balancing out subsonics to ultimately bring the system to an even finer level of balance. Just a concept.
I will say, I am not a cool aide drinker, never have been. In fact, I am the guy that looks to refute the popular norm. Particularly anything that might look too good to be true. After researching the SG, it seems to have some veracity. Not only in the musical realm, but in life. In my case, on... sounds like x, off sounds like y. It just DOES. Here is the rub, a doc friend of mine once told me, during a conversation about glucosamine, that it didn’t matter why it worked. If one were to take it, felt better, then that is all that matters as long as no harm was being done. He wasn’t a fan personally, but he recommended it to his patients, as the majority seemed to feel better taking it. Purely anecdotal, but the result spoke for itself. So, the placebo effect is real, and if the SQ is complete BS, but still makes YOUR system sound better to YOU, what’s the problem? In a world of $50,000 speaker cables etc, a little $20-40.00 gizmo is nothing. Worth a shot. YMMV.