Schumann Resonance 'Tweaking the Tweak'

I have recently been experimenting with an Acoustic Revive RR-77 unit in a variety of stereo and A/V systems and have observed some surprising things:

* The unit has sonic and visible effects on whatever system it is incorporated into, but not always positive. In the case of our Home Theater high end room, it was only positive with excellent source material. A bad video/soundtrack only looked and sounded worse. It was almost like having more sensitive eyes and ears to be more discerning of the quality of the software.

* In our high end stereo rooms the effect was generally positive regardless of the source material, however, tweaking with the unit made surprising improvements. Adding Vibrapods under the box was a step in the right direction. Adding a large Mapleshade Heavyhat made a rather substantial improvement. Together the two tweaks took the AR-77 to another level entirely.

I am an 'avid tweaker' and have tried a good many tweaks over the years with mixed results. The Schumann Resonance is perhaps the most intriguing of any that has come along. I would enjoy comments by other AudioGon members with respect to your ongoing experiences with this unusual tweak.
One can only speculate what the brand new RR-888 Schumann Frequency Generator might sound like....
I have a 777 in my audio room and a 77 where I sleep. They simply have been on for the last couple of years and I do not play with them anymore. This is another tweak like the Dstat II above that makes a very small difference but in the long run there are probably more effective ways in spending your monet.
The 77 schumann device is not a small difference to me. Turn it off and you know it right away.. turn it back on and "where have you been all my life?" I leave it on all the time. I will have to try the vibrapod feet.
I have heard of some people adding better power supplies to the unit. Also of using two units instead of one. I found the same response whether I had it sitting on the floor or 3 feet (as recommended) up on a pedestal.
To optimize the effect of Schumanns that have to be placed about 1.8 meters or 6 feet above floor level. I have 10 in my system. I have not noticed any negative effects.
Pretty sure the recommended height is about two meters for all the Acoustic Revive devices, RR-77, RR-777 and the new RR-888.
Sabai, I assume you don't count glowing in the dark.
Thanks guys for the discussion. Sabai, your use of 10 units in your system is interesting. Did you bring them into the system one at a time and find an incremental improvement with each additional unit?? Also, how much real difference is there between the RR-77 and the RR-777?

That's right. I bought 2 SW1 and then 2 more and then 2 more. Later on I added 2 of the Chartes and then 2 more. Adding 2 at a time gave me a good idea of the improvements. I have not yet found diminishing returns with the Schumanns. IMO, people who start with one Schumann have a long way to go to optimize the Schumann effect.

According to a friend who knows more than I do, there does not appear to be much difference between the RR models -- except perhaps marketing.
I suspect the power supply is improved, based on all the positive comments of those who used the King Rex aftermarket PS for the RR-77 and output power, based on what AR said about the RR-777.
I bought all four of mine Schumann Resonator off Ebay. I began “tweaking the tweak” by adding 50 x 1600uf/16v Rubycon caps to the power supply each SR. This addition was a major upgrade to SQ. I started out using a generic wal-wart 4a-12v linear PS to power the SR. This followed with experimenting with other power supplies; KingREx, Teddy Pardo 4/12, DIY PS, and Paul Hynes SR5-12. The SR5-12 reign supreme in SQ! I know some readers will think it’s ludicrous to use a PS that cost many times what the SR cost. One listen, and there is no turning back:)
The Acoustic Revive website specifically states to place the unit not less than 1.5 meters (150 cm).