Schubert Impromptus

I heard a live performance of these on WQXR 105.9 in NY last night and thought they were magical.

Can anyone recommend a first rate CD recording of these pieces? Thank you.

You are in luck. There is no shortage of excellent performances of these works.

I would recommend Maria Joao Pires recording on DG. I think these will meet your expectations.

I know you didn't ask, but FWIW, assuming that you are new to Schubert's works, consider his Wanderer Fantasy and if you are not already familiar with it, Schumann's Fantasy in C. If that interests you at all, my recommendation for these are on a CD with both (CBS Masterworks) by Perahia. Performances are excellent. Disc quality is not SOTA - its early digital, but quite acceptable. If either of these works interest you (and I think they should) you can move on to SOTA recordings if not better performances. That Schumann piece could make your day! :-)
Andreas Staier has them on a fortepiano from the same period if original instruments interest you. Very nice but different sound.
I have the one by Maria Joao Pires,
another one by Krystian Zimmerman,
and of course the mono recording from Dinu Lipatti.
All are great performances.
I'm assuming you are in love with #3.
Sonics-wise the Zimmerman one is hard to beat.
Radu Lupu, Decca Legends 289 460 975-2. Read the reviews. Best regards.
Thanks to you all. I ended up ordering the Radu Lupu version because it had great reviews and also is available in 24/96 hi-res. I am sure I would have enjoyed all other versions recommended and appreciate the suggestions on other Schubert music, with which I am not unfamiliar.