Schroeder versus Tri-Planar

I've got a Graham 2.2 and I love it, but I'd also love to try a truly high-quality gimbaled arm. I'm curious whether there are people who have heard the Schroeder Model 1 and the Tri-Planar Model VII. The reviews on each are superb.

However Chris Brady on the Teres site describes the Tri-Planar as a bit bright and analytical - qualities I hate in audio equipment. He also describes the Schroeder as loose in the bass - not a good thing either, though he hypothesizes that the wood arm wands might alleviate that problem.

any experiences folks? Patrick
How about an OL Illustrious or Signature? Not as pretty as any of those others I'll admit, but its sonics should be exactly what you're after. I have the relatively lowly Silver, with Twl's mod. It seems quite neutral and a wonderful match for my Shelter 901. The higher OL arms have better quality wire, higher spec bearings and better armtubes. I think they'd do it.
I own the Schroder Model 1.It has been mounted with a Clearaudio Ref. and a Myabi.Neither was loose in the bass.It is a stellar performer.Maybe the effect was due to a mismatch else where.I have not heard/owned the Triplanar since the 4.5 version,can't weigh in on that arm.
A very interesting conclusion by Chris Brady as virtually every review of the Triplanar I have read refers to its somewhat overly rich midrange and not having the very last word in detail on the top. But it was loved by all who reviewed it. I do not recall it ever being reviewed as bright or analytical so I suspect such a conclusion must be due to a mismatch with the Teres.
Now someone's suggested the Basis Vector... even saying it blows away the Graham 2.2. I can't find much about this arm online, except that it uses an innovative "multipivot" bearing, whatever that means.

Has anyone heard it? How would it compare to the other arms under discussion?
There is something about the Basis Vector on Audiogon in discussion form,also on Audio Asylum.I`LL say this, I have the Basis Vector in my system now and it`s a (SMOKER)I have`t had a side by side test with the Graham 2.2 yet
Beautiful analogue setup you have Patrick.

As I'm currently using the Schroeder 2, I can confidently say that the Schroeder has no bass problems. I've come from using the Kuzma Stogi Reference, which is a gimbal arm and has very good bass. The Schroeder is superior as it doesn't have any bearings, and is fine-tunable to your cartridge. VTA, VTF, azimuth, anti-skate. It will allow your cartridge to extract the most detail from the grooves while remaining intensely musical.
Personally I would be careful with such " test / reviews " and I haven’t read that report but I heard from my friends, that the Teres is a nice table, but far from being outstanding.

I never owned a Triplanar but I own a Graham.
And I checked a Schroeder Arm. Both on same electronics, same cartridge and same turntable ( Basis Debut ).
Both arms were fitted with a Miyabi.
And the Schroeder is not bass shy, that is nonsense. It creates a bigger soundstage than the Graham and sounds in a way natural, but I thought at that time, the Graham has a better high frequency area and a better image.

Personally I think, all these arms above are super, the Schroeder makes sense, when you have a cartridge you really like, because the arm tube can be matched to that cartridge.
"... I heard from my friends, that the Teres is a nice table, but far from being outstanding."

Wow! Let's gratuitously insult Patrick's TT - even though he didn't ask, even though we've never heard one. Thomas, do you still beat up smaller kids on the playground?

Personally, I will be careful with your "tests/reviews". I have firsthand evidence that Thomasheisig is not a nice guy, and far from being outstanding.
Actually I don't have a Teres (though I've considere them; I have an Acoustic Solid) - see my system link below.

Thanks for all the responses guys, definitely stuff to think about here.

Patrick, just looked at your TT. Seems to be pretty well named, solid indeed! Looks like a cross between a top Clearaudio, a Redpoint/Galibier and Transformers. ;)

I've read Basis Vector/Graham/Nort AirTangen comparisons on VA. Mostly in favor of the Vector IIRC. You might ask/search there if you haven't.
Thanks Doug -

Actually the Redpoint/Galibier comparison is apt, because that is a Redpoint motor. I switched it in in place of the AS stock AC motor and it is a big improvement. The turntable is unbelievably solid (too solid when I need to move it!)

thanks for the comments and advice - the phono stage is probably getting upgraded next - then later on the power amp

Between the Redpoint and the Galibier, what made you decide on the former?

When I ordered the motor, they were still one company (named Redpoint). Then Peter and Thom parted ways (amicably as I understand it, mainly due to the physical distance between Arizona and Colorado). Peter kept the Redpoint name, and Thom named his company Galibier. Of the existing Redpoint equipment, Peter kept the Testa Rossa model, and Thom the Quattro model.

Looking over their websites, the products still look very much the same as when they were one company, but I'm sure they both have new stuff in production.

The motor is superb. I have to add it to my system description.

Hope this helps -
Having owned a Triplanar 6.5 for nearly one year, I can attest that it is *not* bright nor analytical. It is smooth, rock-solid, and highly resolving. In short, it is world class. I believe that Chris' setup was with version 4 or 4.5, and would agree with the others that there was likely a mismatch somewhere else. Terry Cain (of Cain & Cain) has been using a version 4 on his Teres for some time, and there is no brightness whatsoever, and I've heard it directly at three trade shows, in addition to his listening studio.

Peter Clark of Redpoint set up the latest Testa Rossa at VSAC with a brand new Triplanar 7....numerous pictures are available on the Positive Feedback Online site and on Audio Asylum (for VSAC coverage). This setup had many, many compliments, sonic and otherwise. As your Acoustic Solid One has a strong structural resemblance to the Redpoint, you would do well with the Triplanar....the two products are well-matched, imho.

As a standard disclaimer, I am a sales representative/dealer for Triplanar.

A very cool system....... I am thinking about trying to find a Garard 301 to refurb and take the place of my VPI Aries...... Are you still happy with yours? Any suggestions? I have only ben looking for about a month but the prices are getting pretty steep....... $1,000-$1,500..... still worth is IYHO?


Chris,just some unqualified input.Since my system has been down,for a few months,I have been spending a good bit of time getting as much info,on the designs interesting me,from the web.Obviously the table/arm/cart interface is very appealing to me,and I must state(something you probably know already)that the 301 (fully "tricked out")seems to be a VIABLE alternative to the "big boys".I have noticed many hobbyists,with lots of experience,and wonderful systems(like yours)seem to migrate to a highly modded version of the 301.The capstan drive seems quite viable to me,and makes sense.Also,I have seen a wide variety of plinths employed.Fascinating!Based on the interesting system you own,it really seems to be a nice choice.There is something to be said about unique,one of a kind set-ups,and yours seems to be wonderful,and a great candidate for a "super-301"!
Try looking at Blueangel,for a fascinating picture of one,of many unique plinth alternatives.This table(maxed out) does seem to offer Heirloom appeal,once subjected to a high quality mod.