Schroeder Model - 2

I have been reading a lot about Schroeder tonearms. I'd like to know if anyone is using the Model-2, preferably with a SOTA TT (I have a Nova with a Benz M2 wood body MC cartridge). What arm wand material are you using - carbon fiber or pertinax? Why?

My budget is about $2000 and I'm also considering a Graham 2.2 (a dealer friend is offering me his mint used one for $2000). I have read may posts here about the comparisons between Graham and Shroeder in general, but would like to know some thoughts on these two specific tonearms in comparison to one another if anyone has direct experience with them.

You may want to check out Galibier Design's website. There is alot of Schroeder information on it. You can contact Thom Mackris with Galibier and get his thoughts on the comparison as he has had the Graham 2.2 and is a Schroeder dealer.
Clio,I wish I could help you here.All I can say is that I am fascinated with the Schroeder line,as they look like very unique and original products.I own the 2.2,and truly love it.It is,obviously a fabulous design.My only point of concern,from your thread is that your dealer is NOT doing you any favors,in offering a mint used 2.2 for two grand.Firstly,unless the owner is clueless,any 2.2 should be mint.They are designed and built to last almost forever!Also,you will see a goodly number of 2.2's on Audiogon,used and mint,for around $1750.00.That seems to be the average going rate.I'd go back to this "dealer friend",and see what kind of friend he really is!Best of luck!!

PS---Raul,I got your E-mail.Loved it too.It was extremely nice of you to invite me to your home,for a wonderful listening session.Unfortunately,I live in New Jersey(USA),and am scratching together enough money to take some kind of family vacation,so an additional flight,for the present, is going to be hard.Who knows?Maybe in the future,but your incredibly warm regards,and invitation is TRULY a wonderful gesture!Now I'm going to have to be especially nice,and not try to disagree with you in the future.Best wishes!
Dmailer - Just spoke to Thom and will work with him on the Schroeder.

Sirspeedy - Thanks for the advice on the Graham. I neglected to mention this has the upgraded Graham cable that I think sells new for $750. I don't know if this makes a difference in you valuation of the arm.
Clio,the cabling does make a huge diff.He was a friend afterall!Best wishes!
I have not heard the Schroeder 2, but I was so intrigued by the design that I built myself a version based on the Reference. While I have neither the experience nor the tools to build one to the precision and fit & finish of Mr. Schroeder's (they truly are a work of art) I can say that sonically it is absolutely fantastic. The sound is smooth and open (but never aggressive) and overall it is very natural, detailed and rich. Everything analog should be! Given what I hear from mine (and based on the universally positive reviews I've read) I can only imagine that #2 could only sound superb...
Dear Clio09
I bought my Model 2 about two years ago and so I have the original carbon wand. Mine is on a Platine Verdier with Allaerts MC1B. I'm delighted with mine. Unless I suddenly come into hods of cash for a Reference, I'll stick with this. I'm told that the pertinax is slightly better than the carbon, but I haven't herad them side by side. Personally I'm very happy with the carbon and as it stands this has to be a complete bargain.