Schroder2 arm near a window +heater/airconditioner

My stereo rack in right next to a window, and a heater/air conditioner unit in the northeast.

I have read a comment or two about weather variation affecting the Schroder arms. Might I be better off with a Phantom in this instance?
YES. M-U-C-H better.
Move the stereo.
Tarsando - I wish that were an option, but apartments here are rather small and thats the only space for a rack.
same here, I have also placed a plant next to my rack between the window and the TT....
Hello emailists,
No, weather conditions might affect your mood, but certainly not the arm. I would still advise against setting up your turntable close to an air conditioner as most cartridges are sensitive to variations in humidity and temperature. Rapid changes of either will affect the performance of your vinyl rig.
Hi Thomas! Do you never grow tired of shouting the same old thing? ;-)

Have a great weekend,

Frank Schröder