Schopper Thorens TD 124 vs. SME 10, Oracle, Bardo

I am getting a very nice office system, including a turntable. I have a Garrard 301 with a custom plinth at home and love it, but want something smaller for the office. I was thinking of getting a TD 124 optimized with upgrades from Schopper (plinth, bearing, maybe platter, etc.), or getting a small modern table, possible SME 10, Oracle Delphi, Brinkman Bardo, or TW Acustic. Do folks think that the Thorens TD 124 could keep up with a modern table? I have a Graham Phantom and Lyra Delos cartridge that will go with the system. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Upgrading a Thorens TD-124 would be more fun, and I have always preferred a good idler-drive. A Lenco project might be the right path. PTP Audio builds a highly modified Lenco as a turnkey turntable, or you can use his top plates for a custom/DIY turntable with the plinth of your choice. Don't be surprised if you like it more than the Garrard, many do.
And do try a 12" 'arm; the Thomas Schick tonearm is relatively inexpensive, and available new.