School Of Rock Students

Not sure if any of you guys have seen some of these before?  These kids are great!  I ran across them by accident and have really enjoyed most of the songs.

Major talent here.  Wish I had even 1/1000th of it...

Thanks mofi!
I just watched the first video which happens to be "California Dreamin" of my all time favorite songs. I still get chills every time I hear it.
Amazing talent indeed, all enjoyable except I can't hear anything originally sang by Freddy as a cover sorry, that's just me.
But very nice, I am subscribing to their channel

I really like their songs. I have always admired people who can write beautifully. Ever since I was a student, I tried to write beautiful essays, but I didn't always succeed. Only with I was able to write beautifully and in a way that I liked to read. Gradually I managed to write my own essay. I am working on my writing skills and one day I will definitely write a song. 

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I like Salisbury (sp?) Hill and California Dreamin best.

They just released another one Highway Star by Deep purple today.  You'll have to search YouTube as it Won't let me post the link.


They are impressing! I like these girls, their voices, and performance. The school where they study must be proud of them. During my school years, I wanted to sing badly, but I couldn't, as I needed to study well to enter the college, so I had to do a lot of home tasks. Sometimes, I used the help of the service, you can click here to learn more about them. You can buy college research paper, essays, etc. from this company, and you can be sure, they'll deliver an excellent paper of any complexity.

This was just released earlier today.  WOW, just WOW!!!  Hard to believe these are kids 15-18 years old.



Here's another relatively new video...but of an older song.  They guys are wonderful!