Schnerzinger Cleaner - the dynamic bomb

I own a wilson sasha and i was using spectral amps.Then i changed to Lamm because i found them more musical. But after a while i missed the more dynamic presentation of the spectrals.
Now i found a solution in the new Schnerzinger CLEANER. This little box is a dynamic bomb. The sound with the lamms now is more dynamic as it was with the spectral and i hear much much more details with less grain. As i posted before i m using Schnerzinger cables and they are marvelous but with this Cleaner the sound of my Sashas exploded to another level. A big recommandation for a try!
Now i m thinking of buying a Maxx 3 or a Magico Q5 or an eggelston savoy, because i moved. My new room is 7x8m.
Does anybody has experiences with these speaker in combination with the lamms?