Schmitt Custom Audio cables

Howdy folks,
I live in Mpls but am moving to NC next month. They say we only move for two reasons: money or love, and I'm in the latter group. Escaping winters doesn't hurt either.

Anyhoo, the new config (in a condo...the humanity!) requires speakers on the short wall of a long open narrow rectangle and the rig off to the side. Ergo, I started looking around for 20 ft cables. I was getting nervous of price tags I saw. As a result I was leaning towards anticables but the WAF issue... First time have had to manage that. I need to pick my battles, and this one doesn't qualify as worthy.

Then I randomly found Schmitt Custom Audio cables doing a local zip code search. Chatted with James and he handmade me a 20 ft set, along with xlr ICs for a face-plantingly low price. Drove to his house for pickup; his place looks like an audio shop (which it actually is) with gear and speakers lining the walls.

Anyhoo! Been a week now, and I tell ya, if anyone out there needs cables that are both easy on the ears and the wallet, he's your guy.

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Where in NC are you moving? There are a few audio-nuts in and around Charlotte and another few of us in/near Greenville SC.