Schitt turntable anyone?

Hi folks, looking like the new Schitt turntable is nigh upon us. Could this be a giant killer?

If this is under $800 it will tear up the competition methinks.

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I'm interested in seeing how this compares against the mofi studio and ultradeck as well as the Rega P3. A comparison against the Technics SL 1200 GR would be great as well.
There was an update in March saying they were shooting for late summer:

What's the problem with unipivot tonearms?
what's wrong with carbon fiber tone arms?
New Schitt turntable information!

Also not gonna have vibration dampeners on the feet out of the box. You'll have to buy, I kid you not "Schitt Floaters"
Hey Cel, what cart were they using? Also, I assume the Mani Freya aegir monoblock combo?
What cart was Schiit using on the Sol?
Did you get a chance to cue up any records to check how the unipivot handles?
@noromance Did you see any issue with where they put the on/off switch? Some people didn't like where is is for fear of banging the tone arm accidentally...
Me too, but when you look at all you are getting, I don't think there is anything close to this price point that's similar.

The guys over on Head-Fi are trying to get Jason and Mike to build a higher end phono pre-amp, as well. Hopefully that will come to fruition.