Schitt Loki Max

This looks amazing.  Has anyone tried it?



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I have the Schiit Lokius on my list of components to purchase. The Loki Max looks really tempting save for the price. I wonder how long until a review is posted?

Do you think we’re seeing the end of people spending money on cables as tone controls? Maybe they’re finally ready to buy tone controls for tone control

Lokius looks pretty sweet. How’s it working in your system? I liked the quality of the Loki but not the frequency crossover range.

Max looks to be well implemented, but the price...

If ever a company needed a name change.........  Cheech & Chong could riff on that name for a long time. 🤣

I have a LOKIUS, ( the balanced version). For what it does, and at a very reasonable price point (299.00), it’s a superb device. Allows one to balance one’s system to their liking....I hear no loss of resolution or transparency.

The MAX version, with remote control and various presets, looks like a winner, even at $1500.00. I probably will send the LOKIUS back and get the MAX.





I agree.  I think the pricepoint is amazing given the level of engineering and quality of the unit.  It seems they designed this to fit into even high end systems.  Go Schitt!


@raysmtb1 , that is the funniest and smartest thing I've heard all day!  

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@dabel so If I needed to convert SE to balanced in order to run, say a pair of schiit  monoblocks, the lokius would do it for me?

Superb products at excellent price points.  
What i love about their equalizers is that they have a 20 hz band which makes them usable as good as the old, but much missed 'loudness' control. 

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Do you think we’re seeing the end of people spending money on cables as tone controls?

No, not by a long shot. The key is to get your system to sound as good as it can without any equalization and once you do that you pretty much figure out you don't need any tone controls. I have not used any tone controls since the mid-seventies. Tone controls cannot fix an underperforming system.

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You’re compensating for one deaf ear if I’m not mistaken and I on the other hand tinnitus...

Special circumstances are of course excluded from my recommendations. How are you using tone controls to help with tinnitus? Cutting some of the high end? 


I also have tinnitus. By judiciously cutting 2K & 6 K, and slightly bumping the lower frequency’s, my tinnitus, while still there, doesn’t bother me quite as much.

Allows for a more pleasurable listening experience.....


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