Schitt Freya problem or Jolida amp problem?

Hi folks,
i have a Schitt Freya and it's hooked up to a Jolida 3502p amp. When I use it with unbalanced cables it works as it should. Passive mode is the quietest and the gain is noticeable with the jfet and tube mode. However, when I use it with balanced cables the only mode that provides sound is the tube mode. I've tried different cables and no difference. Any suggestions or reasons why this might be? Thanks for any help!
I read something about that a while back, but can’t remember where...I haven’t noticed it on my Freya as I no longer own a balanced input hifi amp (sold my Joilda 502P when I bought a Dennis Had SEP, and although that model Jolida wasn’t actually "balanced", it did have a strapped XLR input). Supposedly Schiit does answer emails.
Thanks Wolf Garcia, 
it is odd that I'm getting no signal from the passive and jfet mode with the balanced cables. The amp is obviously working as it works in tube mode. The Schitt support is stumped and Jolida says it appears the amp is working as it sees the volts from tube mode. This is my second Freya within a week and both have similar problems. I must mention that the customer service from both Schitt and Jolida have been excellent to deal with but neither can provide an answer:)
Hello petware -
No clue what is going on w/your Freya/Jolida combination. Not sure what help it is but I’m wondering if what Wolf is thinking about is the somewhat cryptic (well, cryptic to me) comment on the Freya Connections page of the owner’s manual:

"Note: Freya does not convert singled-ended to balanced except when using the tube gain stage."

Do you still have the balanced (output?) cables hooked up to the JoLida from the Freya when you try getting signal from Passive or JFET modes via single-ended outputs to the JoLida? I’m wondering if the balanced connection to the JoLida somehow only lets it recognize a balanced signal from the Freya (as it provides in tube mode). 

This is jamming up my brain.

You know what Ghosthouse, I think you solved it! Who would've thought to read the manual:). I swear I read it but I guess it didn't sink in. I guess it appears to be working correctly after all I say slinking away wth embarrassment. I wonder why Schitt didn't tell me that?
Well, I hope that’s the case, petware. Rather than the Freya maybe it is just something in how the JoLida is wired....maybe. If it "thinks" it’s going to get a balanced signal you can’t also feed it something unbalanced. It won’t take both balanced and unbalanced inputs simultaneously. Can’t say I’ve encountered that with any of my gear so might be something to confirm (or not) by a call to JoLida. Good luck. Hope you can at last get down to enjoying some music and not stressing (I would be) over whether your gear is broken. :-)
I'm pretty sure it's operator error and the Freya is fine. The Jolida has a switch on the back for balanced or unbalanced cables. You can switch between the two but I have unhooked the unbalanced cables just to confirm. If I'm honest I probably can't really tell the difference between the two except for the volume increase with balanced. 
Huh...okay, well then, sounds like you are good to go.  As far as comparisons between balanced vs unbalanced, if the JoLida incorporates true balanced circuity, try living with balanced for a while (a few weeks) then go to unbalanced and play a recording you know well.  Sometimes that's the easiest way for me to hear differences.  Short term listening and quick A/B testing isn't always as helpful.