Schitt Bifrost VS PS Audio Digital Link 3

I live in the boonies so I don't get a chance to listen to equipment so I need your help. Has anyone listened to the Schitt and the PS Audio DACs listed. What are your thoughts? Why are there so meny "Digital Link 3s" for sale? Esp; for 3 or $400 bucks? Thanks!
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
The weak link (no pun) on the DL III is the usb input, it is not asynchronus. I believe this is why so many are for sale.  It is however a very good DAC, having a robust power supply and analog output stage. 
I have owned one and used it with a USB/SPDIF converter. If it had two coax inputs I might still own it as I also use a disc spinner. I have not compared it to the Bitfrost, however, if USB is primary I would go with the Bitfrost USB which can be found used at similar price.
The problem I found with the Bifrost is the USB interface - even the latest version of its USB interface, which I applied via their upgrade program and which is now standard equipment on all new Bifrost’s, paled in comparison to the USB Interface on the v-link192 USB/SPDIF convertor that I added later.

I also upgraded to the 4490 board upgrade, which is also now included in the base model and found it provided a significant boost to SQ

I found the Bifrost responded extremely well when connected with Quality USB, power and interconnect cables, which to me is an indication of the quality design, components and construction techniques used.

It’s not that the Schiit USB interface is bad - it’s just not as good as the v-link192

If it just had a better USB port I’d give it 10/10 - but as it stands it’s a 9 - maybe even a 9.5 :-)

I would look for a Bifrost without the USB interface and then get the v-link192 - this combo is stellar!
I like Willies’ suggestion. The V-Link would also make an improvement over the PS DL3s’ USB interface. I have not heard the Schiit and could not have made his comparison. I have a V-link II USB/SPDIF converter which I use in a 2nd system. It is only 24/96 as opposed to the V-link192.  I purchased my V-link used for $70.  

RSA, Based on what Mesch has written about the capabilities of the DL III, I think either of these DAC’s coupled with either the v-link or the v-link192 - depending on the resolution you want to listen to - would make an excellent combo to get you started. The 192 seems to get a lot of praise over the older v-link.

I have a lot of respect for PS Audio products and Schiit is right up there also - I don’t think you will be left wanting which ever DAC you choose.

For any DLIII owners out there - checkout the v-link192 - you will probably keep the DL III :-)

Happy sreaming :-)