Schitt Audio Still in business???

I have attempted to email repeatedly from different email accounts and my email is returned from google saying they cannot relay to the schitt email server.

The company also does not like to staff to answer the phone.  

With this type of customer service I can understand why they would go out of business.
I just emailed them today and it didn't bounce back. Don't know when I'll hear from them though. From what I understand they have very very minimal staff for customer service. 
On Sunday it will be 4 weeks since I ordered my yggy and it still hasn't shipped. I wish they would at least update people on what is going on. A mass email wouldn't hurt to people with orders waiting. Just say you're a week behind, or two. Or it's almost going out, just something. 

On one hand it's nice that the prices are kept low, but then I gotta wonder how much it could really cost to have a few extra low wage kids at least answering phones and emails.
I just received my Schitt Bit Frost DAC (it's a B-Stock) yesterday.  I purchased last week, and it shipped the same day. I also sent customer service an email and it was replied to on the same day. I suppose new builds are taking longer to fulfill, but Schitt ' s still has its doors open. 
It took a couple of days before google bounced back the delayed reply. I have set from other domains hosting mail MX records same delayed bounce.

Thanks for the update maxboy00, I do hope its a great addition to tour system.

What a strange day and time we live in when you have to beg a company to respond to you.  

I was in the tank to purchase one of their dacs, but this experience has changed my mind.
Aside from the hipster name and smart ass commentary on their site.. I see nothing impressive 
The names of their products can't be a plus either!
Why so many letters -- S c h i t t?
Check your spelling in the email address.

It's: S C H I I T

I had the same problem looking them up awhile back.

I went back and originally did send to [email protected] Never got a reply. Then picked up sending to  Ill wait on the original email I sent.  Why can't they answer the phone.  Nevermind. 

I ordered the Wyrd, it did not impress me and I wanted a refund. I had it a total of 12 days!

The refund finally arrived minus 50% for restocking fees, handling fees and shipping costs. I will NEVER buy another product from them.

Looks like they’re onto some Wyrd Schiit or Schitt after all...
Yes, they are in business.
They answered my email in 2 days.
I just ordered a Modi Multibit and got it within 5 days.
No problems from the Schiit customer.
psickerson OP2 posts
I went back and originally did send to [email protected] Never got a reply. Then picked up sending to Ill wait on the original email I sent. Why can’t they answer the phone. Nevermind.

Strange, I sent an email to that address yesterday for them to explain your title post, and they returned it overnight (because I’m in Australia) and said thanks for the heads up. signed Nick-T

Have you any other gripe with them beside this communication problem your having with them??

Cheers George
I just got  back my Gungnir Multibit back

Email  Nick at            [email protected]
Too bad! If I ever go into the business of manufacturing audio equipment, I'll have to avoid using the household names Yggy, Gungnir and Wyrd. They're already in use by Shiit. You can't make this stuff up!
Nick answered my email pretty quick.
i love my multibit!
Try messaging Baldur or Jason Stoddard over at Head-Fi if your emails are going unanswered. Those are the two founders and they seem quite active there.

Email support was a little slow(2 days between messages) a few years ago when I tried/returned one of their DACs and they've only grown in popularity since. No idea if the staff has grown with their customer base.
Hello psickerson ,
               I find this all a little weird.
  On July 17th 2016  I placed an order with Schiit  ( It's a German Name )  for a  Asgard 2.  It arrived in a factory sealed box on 7-22-16. When I took it out, it was perfect. When I hooked it up to my CD player and plugged in my old  AKG  K340's headphones  ( 2x400 ohms )  everything sounded great. My headphones came to life and I am a very happy customer. I even wrote twice asking about their other units as well as talking about my headphones and they responded each time within a day. My Asgard 2 is working beautifully.
Their busy making their Schiit in Merica. 
I emailed twice last month trying to see when the Gungnir Multibit would be back in stock and got replies (well, the response was we don't know) and found a used one here in Dallas that I picked up. It's a great DAC and I know their stuff is selling. Try looking for used on the shark website and there's little high end stuff coming on the secondary market. I pleased with the Gumbie. I think they're far from over staffed with more emphasis on assembly here in the US. That's not such a bad thing. And when looking for stereo gear I wouldn't make fun of a name I hadn't listened to. They try to put really good gear out at affordable prices. I've had their Lyr headphone amp for several years and like it as well.
Not all of us can drop $10k on every piece of equipment.

Their CS is spotty. They usually do ok getting orders out, but good luck trying to get a straight answer out of them. I was trying to decide which DAC to buy and ended up getting cheaper one, because I could't them to tell me what the sonic difference MIGHT be. An educated guess would've been fine! Anyway, I purchased the cheaper $150 DAC and am THRILLED with it. They could have sold me the BiFrost if they had made some attempt to answer my questions. Bottom line: Great company. Great products. Do your homework and don't expect any help.
What did you inquire about anyway, psickerson?  I've owned a bunch of their Schiit, maybe I could help.
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I wanted to try a passive pre-amp and thought for $50 I'll buy the Schitt. What do I have to lose? When attempting to listen, all I got was a hum that almost made me jump out of my skin. I was able to reach customer service right away who gave me some possible causes that I did not believe would have any benefit. Tried it again and received the same result. Probably dumb on my part for tempting fate twice. Immediately returned it to Amazon. Glad I didn't lose part of my system.
They didn't get my my yggdrasil dac out this week. So on Monday that will be over 4 weeks since I ordered. No reply yet on email. And I asked them on facebook a separate question on one of their posts about something and they never replied. 

I seriously thought about getting another DAC because of the wait and bad customer service. It's ONLY because this yggy is supposed to be so freaking insanely good of a DAC that blows everything else away in the price range that I'm putting up with the wait. Being without good music this long is really testing my patience though. I'd just hate to buy something else and always be thinking I got second best. And I want that bit perfect decoding with that new chip they are first to use.
As I said above 
"I went back and originally did send to [email protected] Never got a reply. Then picked up sending repeatedly to "   (Wrong email address)
I never did see a reply back from the first email. I resent a email to the correct address and this time Jason replied back in less than a few hours.  

I had read so many good write ups about their products I was very surprised to not see any response. The audio business is not what it was and I believe it is the buyer that has gotten the short end of the stick. How do you spend k's on equipment having never heard it.  

I am.going to put Schiit back on my list if you guys purchasing their stuff  find it sounds as wonderful as Shiit proclaims it be.  
Made in America!! Not just marketed and sold Is a very good thing. 
I, too, like herbbruce, got a rather uninformative response for them. I ended up putting up a post here on Agon and got my answer.
I can kind of understand their position as everyone 'hears' differently, but a manufacturer should be able to articulate differences between different models, in my opinion.
In any case, I have bought two DAC's from them and they are very natural sounding. They also shipped quickly.
I just ordered a Bitfrost and got it in a week. I accidentally overpaid. They caught it immediately.
Just  started listening but with crappy soon to be replaced speakers. Still sounds much better than the old Rotel. Piano especially. 
I don't blame them  for jumping off the audiophile vocab game,  they can leave that to reviewers and " us". Good engineering at a fair price and a wink at audiophilomania is fine with me. If I find any techno or CS problems I will repost but for now, fair play to them.
Made in America or assembled in america
While they didn't always answer my questions regarding sonic qualities of their products very well they did response promptly and I couldn't be happier with my Yggdrassil. The Yggy added detail, texture and airiness to both my Oppo 105d and McIntosh MCD 205 that didn't exist previously. I'd definitely buy from them again.
Cheeze Louise! Google it. As is close as possible given that most discrete electronic parts are made only overseas.
I have a Bifrost Uber and I do luv it. When I upgraded from a Bifrost to the Uber, I had ordered the board myself and swapped the new board with the old one. Both transactions went smooth.

But I will say this, I have noticed that some audio companies, small independent ones, have not paid careful attention to good customer service. I think this makes all the difference in the world. Bad customer service can turn a potential customer off in a hurry. If it were me making audio gear (and knowing so many companies are competing for business) I would really try to build a strong base of loyalty, no matter who I was as an audio manufacturer.
In the last 2 years over a dozen members of my local audio club have purchased Yggys and Gumbys after hearing them in others' systems. Some have sold higher priced DACs to replace with Schiit DACs. I can't say enough good things about the value and performance of their gear. Cheers,
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Guys, get their Kindle book Schiit Happened off Amazon for $4, both "founding fathers" are pretty articulate, Jason Stoddard even sells sci-fi stories. Fun read, plus most (i wanted to say All) of the Q raised here already answered. Or save $4 and read their thread on head-fi, its the same as their book
I bought some Schiit a couple of weeks ago. But I bought through Amazon.
Yes they are in business.
I continue to read this and other forums about positive SQ of the Yggy.  I was on the path to purchase a Gumby.  But instead..

I sent an email order for a Yggy on Thursday and received an email the next day it had shipped. 

Yes they are in business.  Looking forward to see what this Schiit is all about. (Had to say).
Please post your impressions AFTER letting it run 100 hours and THEN listening. The break-in is real, very real, really real. Cheers,
I have read that break in period all over the forums. Do you own a yggy Spencer,
@psickerson No, I own a Gungnir Multibit (aka Gumby), but have a handful of local friends who own Yggys and I listen to them regularly. The break-in is so dramatic that it is counter-productive to listen for the first few hours and draw any conclusions. 
This issue cracks me up in how often I read reviews where the writer listens to gear, points out a flaw, lets it break in, then says that the problem went away. I guess if they didn't do that those writers might not be able to fill their columns. Cheers,
Does break in mean just turn it on or does it need to have:
1). a source cd/streamer running attached yggy?
2) output of yggy attached to amp?
3). Amplifer on
4). Speakers attached to Amp

It is a strange requirement and I have not seen what is actually required for break in

Id prefer to not leave my tube amp running for no reason.
You can leave amp off if you want. As long as the input signal from source goes to the Yggy, and the cables are connecting its output to the pre/amp you are fine. You just want a signal going all the way thru the new device.
As a side note, don't ever run a tube amp without a speaker connected or you could damage the amp. Cheers,
Thanks Spencer .  I will commit that last point to my hopefully long term memory.
Ideally you’d want to have your amps on also actually. You want the signal going all the way through every piece of solder, wire, capacitor, etc. The DAC has small amps/power for the output signal that you want going through it’s paces during break in, and out through the last bit of circuits and wires and such. It’s not just the actual DAC chip that is the only thing getting broken in. I mean you have an entire huge analog section that is like half the DAC after the DAC chip that needs to be broken in and have a signal going out through it to some amps. While it will mostly break in still with the amps off I feel I got better results with them on. Without the amps on I don't think the signal has any place to travel and be used and is not actually traveling a signal through if there are no amps on to use that signal. I’d alternate between leaving them on and having them off since I didn’t like having my amps on constantly.

But yeah this thing really does need 100 hours or so at least to break in. Mine was dramatically better after about 100 hours. Supposedly it takes up to 400 hours to be 100% done some have said. Seems minimal so far after 100 though. But I think I read that others have said it can go in spurts even after the 100 hours.

It’s definitely an incredible DAC. Mine benefited by using the USB regen. The regen still makes a big difference even on the yggy.

Official Answer from Shiit responding to my email

In our opinion, both inputs offer similar performance, and no input needs to be used for run-in—just turn it on and leave it on continuously.
Personally I don't believe that you could just simply turn it on with nothing attached and have it burn in completely and thoroughly. I mean yes you'll get some burn in since parts of the DAC will be powered and moving some electricity through it. But not totally and 100 percent of the DAC or as quickly. I'm sure it will have improvements but there is no way to break in parts that aren't even used if it's not running a signal and current through it. I'm a firm believer that a current and signal needs to run through each and every milimeter. Up to the very tip of the outputs, anything that carries the signal. Every piece of solder etc. Just like you couldn't have your amps off and expect your speaker wire to burn in without a thorough strong current running through it. I think the DAC will improve some but will take longer as the rest breaks in each time you actually go to listen to music. But I guess try it which ever way you want. I go for the way I think is going to be the fastest so I can enjoy it's sweet perfection the quickest. At least it makes me feel better in my mind :D
Yggy arrived on Saturday.  Took it directly home plugged it into the Sonos connect using both toslink and digital coax.  Then into Prima Luna using some 25 year old :) 20ft monster rca cable.

first song I my play list was Allison Kraus. Wow, clarity and coming closer to open air.  A couple of weeks I borrowed a Ayre Codex from my local Hifi store Audio Advice.  Lucky to have them.  I purchase all my gear from them.  But I heard Zero differnce if the stock Sonos DAC and the Ayre codex.  I was relieved to hear such a grand improvement out of the box.  

It is now Monday night so it has been burning in for 48 hours. It's getting better.  It really is starting to sound like live music.  

I decided to throw the money into what everyone on this site was saying about yggy.  Just could not go back to records.  38 years ago the tick and pop of albums drove me through the roof.  CDs I had hoped were the answer. All these years later finally approaching the record and without the memorable ticks and pops.  Those records on my maranta and dual turntable did sound pretty good though. First money I earned went into drums(Ludwig and Zildjian) and stereo equipment.  We always return to our passion. 

Anyway,  loving what I am hearing after 48 hours. 

I think I'm going to hold off on Sonos mod.  Maybe look at roon in the future. 

Glad you like it! While I usually love the sound of the output stage on Ayre’s (guessing that’s it since I hear the same qualities regardless of gear type) the Schiits have an amazing immunity to sources. No matter how bad the input is the Schiits play consistently.

The Ayre QB-9 however is much more sensitive.

I went with a Mytek instead, which seems to also do this well, but I won’t be able to really tell unless I use a Mac to drive it. :D :D :D


" the Schiits have an amazing immunity to sources. No matter how bad the input is the Schiits play consistently."

No, no, no. The Yggy & Gumby are not at all immune to sources, they let you hear the differences between sources. I've heard source comparisons in multiple systems and each time the Schiit made it clear that the sources sounded different and in some cases dramatically better when the source was improved. That's a good thing. Yes, yes, yes, the Schiits play consistently. And I'm guessing part of your intention is to say that they sound pretty good even with a very modest source, which is reasonable. The take away IMHE is that improvements in source will be rewarded when paired with Yggy or Gumby. Cheers,
My headphone setup consists of a lyr 2 and a bifrost multibit.
I also have 2 Wyrd USB regenerators.
I'm Extremely happy with all of their products. I ordered via their web site, items shipped within a day, never needed CS.

A few weeks ago my old travel companion, the M-Audio transit which I use with my laptop, started acting up. 
I ordered a tiny headphone DAC / Amp from them which has the best name ever - "Fulla" ... Schiit
All Schiit user manuals are a blast to read ! Couldn't stop laughing. 
Self-humor shows a lot of confidence in their products.
I like their products and attitude.