Schiit Yggsdrusil - with New Unison USB

Hello I hav3 been investigating new dacs and what can anyone tell me about sonicly is the unison  usb 
and better then the Xmos chip?  They said they spent 2 years developing it ,where a Xmos does many 
operations, the dedicated unison does just usb , put side by side can you truly hear any differences
or improvements.
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My two cents is Yes. Prior to the Unison the Yggy sounded slightly better through my Theta Data Basic with RCA than the Aurender N100H and USB. With the Unison, the differences vanished and I prefer the Aurender/USB. The real improvement through the Aurender was streaming; it is now comparable to storage playback.
The gen 5 board and 2 output stage is dramatically better.
the unison card for Windows 10 2 others truly cleaned up the noise 
how easy is the install imo?
itmakes no sence sending up and back3000miles for 2 screws and maybe a plug in ,not sure there

This new usb upgrade is for those who have Windows 10 , no earlier versions 

Instructions for replacing Yggdrasil USB card (applies to both Gen5 USB and Unison USB):

One of the guys in our audio get together has the yaggs analog2, Gen 5/ with the latest unison usb board, Windows 10 is a must,
for mac,lynix no problem it also had the latest synergistic orange fuse the unison upgrade was very 
noticable the more refined your  system the more fleshed out the usb information I heard both card 
well worth the $150 charge about $175 with tax and shipping .