Schiit Yggdrasil Upgrades

It was brought to my attention the Yggdrasil has a Eye opening upgrade in the works .
Sometime possibly spring 2017 one reviewer mentioned killer dac--upgrade from a very Good source.
I already have  this dac on my wish list .and will buy as soon as it comes out.
No sence in buying now ,then have to send back in again.  It is already very good.  it will 
Make a lot of $$ companies very unhappy !!
Myself and others have emailed Schiit  and told them the red wima cap they use are a weak link 2 friends in the U.K have upgraded to these far superior 
Coupling caps  ,Schiit totally ignored my tip .I heard it first hand with a Hifi tunjng supreme fuse ,even that they refuse to install evrn if you send it to them ,how 
Foolish  you get a solid opportunity to improve the unit for -0 effort and nothing
I evrn offered to send caps for their unit No Charge and pay labor to install 
They refused. That is why these guys did theirs more detail ,depth and musicality 
For less then $40 in capaciyors. They must have bought 1,000s of Wima caps for all units use the same . Without question a Solid upgrade.have some one install 
You can do yourself if handy with a soldering iron.
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12-17-2016 6:05am
I hope this isn’t true since I just bought one!
If you just got it then you can send it back for a refund as they have a trial period.

But then this new model could be hoax as well.

Ask Schiit about you sending it back, because you want the newer model that’s coming and see what they say.

Cheers George

Those "red" WIMA  caps are generally considered to be fine caps Polypropylene caps . Your last post is now causing me to question your first post.  With all due respect, of course.
Fo yourself a favor,  email Chris Johnson,  tech, owner of parts connecxion.
I am not here to debate but tell it straight.I know capacitors better then most 
Myself just finished molding my whole system and upgrading system capacitors
I have done since 2000. Am transformers is a precision capacitor much more so then wima which is just over a average capacitor at best. If you have not experimented with other capacitors vs wima then there is not much to debate. 
Do email the tech ,Chris at parts connecxion he has compared ,and  check out this reference, 
Humble homemade hifi capaciyor test. Please note there are several excellent capacitors not listed due to testing is by companies that Donate samples .
the red wima cap they use are a weak link 2 friends in the U.K have upgraded to these far superior Coupling caps

Hate to inform everyone, but there are no coupling caps. The Schiit Yggdrasil is direct coupled from D/A converter chip all the way through to the outputs with dc servos handling any dc offset.
Quote Schiit:
Analog Stages: Fully discrete JFET buffers for balanced output and discrete JFET summing stages for single-ended output, direct coupled throughout.

Schiit hold to the theory that the best coupling cap is no cap!

The Wima cap that was changed was probably a power supply bypass cap for electrolytics, and the red Wima is about the best you can get for this duty.

Cheers George