Schiit Yggdrasil or Simaudio Supernova

I presently have a Supernova, but am considering a Yggy, keeping the Supernova as a transport.  Is the Supernova BurrBrown PCM1798 chip a Delta-Sigma or multibit design? What would be the sonic differences between the Yggy and Supernova? The Supernova is a really nice sounding machine, maybe a bit clinical.
You should contact Schiit directly for the most accurate information.

The PCM1798 is also in this MYDAC II and the blurb says it’s Delta Sigma.

The Yggdrasil should sound better doing CD Rebook PCM.

Cheers George

Thanks guys. I contacted Schiit, asked if they would compare the two machines or at least characterize the sound of the Yggy but they politely declined. I'll probably order the Yggy in the next few weeks, not much risk with schiit's 2 week home trial,
Which other multi bit days should I be considering, keeping the price close to the Yggdrasil?
None. Try the Yggy! Cheers,