Schiit Vidar Monos or Adcom GFA-565se or Rotel RB-1582 MKII

Wonder if anyone has any opinions on these amps?  I know it all depends on speakers, cabling and the rest of it, but honestly looking for some feedback on these amps themselves and what people may have listened to in comparison against each other?  They are all high powered amps so that should tell you enough about my system and tastes.

If you could provide even less information on your system, that would be helpful.
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I love it when a thread kicks off with such gusto. I'm surprised that the Vidar amps and Freya preamp (I have one of those, as well as a Loki EQ) haven't received any major audio magazine reviews (although Steve Guttenberg has some positive video reviews regarding the Freya and Vidar), but based on my experience with the Schiit gear I have, I wouldn't hesitate to try a Vidar or two, and ship 'em back if they suck (I use my Freya and Loki with a single ended tube amp so I'm not looking for an amp myself). My only issue with the Schiit stuff is that their LEDs are too bright, but I fixed that with a carefully applied coat of marker ink.
Hey @wolf_garcia check this out, I may take the plunge:

Hoping @acurus flames me just one more time so he gets permanently kicked off Audiogon. He's currently being monitored by the admins. Smooth move there.
Initially Schiit wasn't recommending the "lisst" non-tubes for the Freya but now they seem to have changed that as the Freya is now mentioned in the Lisst description (I might  have completely got that wrong anyway). Let me (or us) know how those things sound as they do seem interesting. 
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