Schiit Urd CD Transport vs Marantz CD6007 Player

What makes Schiit transport better than Marantz?
Marantz makes a darn good CD player. I have been using my Marantz hd cd1 as a transport for years. It sounds fantastic to my ears and has never skipped a beat
Yes, but you have already been told the Schiit transport (which has yet to be released) sounds better. We want to know why the Schiit sounds better, not how good your Marantz sounds. That‘s the actual question posed at the beginning of the thread.
It's built from expectations unconstrained by anything physical.
Was that you, or the Schiit promotions agency? If it‘s you I think you‘ve just found a well paid job
I too have a HD CD-1, extremely well built and handsome. Even more-so is the white version which is/was only available in Asia

I bought it after my Musical Concepts moded Pioneer PD 65 Stable platter player (used as a transport) finally died about 2 years ago. The HD CD-1 way outperformed my stock Oppo 105 (which I used for hi-rez digital), but then was doing double duty until I came across simply DIY drop in Linear Power Modules (ebay), plus replaced the OEM IEC with a Furutech Rhoduim with sold silver wire to connect to the power supply board and a 110/220 silver jumper to replace the switch. I still have the HD CD-1 as a backup

This just isn‘t going to plan